GC: Chapter 91

91. No More Hesitations

Warning: Potential sexual assault/rape trigger in the last few paragraphs. Proceed with caution after * symbol.

“So many people would pounce at a single wave of the Little Master Bai’s hand! Did you need to force me to? Do you know just how much I had to do, what I’ve paid, just to be able to get near you? I bore with the humiliation all for the Feng family! Look what you guys do to me in the end!” Feng Qun shouted in rage.

“For the Feng family?” YiHan sighed. “It’s for yourself, right? Your father has 5 illegitimate children, known to the public at least. You befriended me to fight for Feng family’s benefit. Was it really not so you can solidify your position as the heir?

“Even if you bore through all that “humiliation”, it was for the Feng family. Now you’re venting your anger on me. Do you think that’s fair?”

Feng Qun stomped back to YiHan to jerk the other’s chin up. “Little Master, oh, Little Master Bai, why are you so naive?” he asked with a smirk. “The world is never fair. Take for example yourself. You were lucky with your birth. Born in the Bai family, everyone loved you. From birth, you were placed on a pedestal high up in the clouds for everyone to worship. Me? I’m not your lesser in any way at all. I did so much, put in so much effort, only to have nothing today!”

YiHan looked away and twisted his chin out of Feng Qun’s grasp. He knew just how easily agitated Feng Qun was, how impulsive the other could be. There was no meaning in debating with him on what’s wrong and what’s right.

“No one can choose their birth,” YiHan said. “Since I’ve been born into the Bai family, then you’ll be faced with a bad end if you do anything to me.”

The other man gave a low and menacing chuckle. “Of course I know that,” he spat out. “But even if I do nothing to you now, would there be a good ending for me? You guys backed me into a corner with no path to survive. If anyone’s to blame, blame yourself!”

“So you’ve abducted me. I’m in your grasp. What can you even do? Ransom? You might live to obtain that money, but you’d never survive to spend it,” YiHan replied.

Feng Qun raised a hand and slapped YiHan across the face. He grabbed the tied-up man by his hair and pulled his head back, bending it so he could glare down at YiHan.

“Of course I know what the Bai family and Mu JingYuan, that man who’ll turn into a mad dog if anyone so much as snap one of your hair, will do to me,” Feng Qun said. “Now that I have you here, I don’t mind telling you. I never planned on letting you leave here alive. All I did today was for your death.

“I didn’t plan on doing this at the start. I was planning on sneaking out of this city and find a new place to rebuild myself. But then someone contacted me. He told me if I did this, if I killed you, he will send me overseas and give me a lump of money. While I might not be as successful then, at least I can live a life without worries. It would be much easier, much faster than a future where I don’t even know if I can build myself back up again. No? I’ve waited days. Finally, a chance appeared today. He’s behind everything today. The men, the money. Otherwise, even if I wanted to, I could do nothing about you. See? Not everyone likes you. Not everyone will protect you. There’ll be someone who’ll hate you, who wants you dead.”

YiHan pursed his lips and kept silent.


YiHan’s arms and legs were tied up. His hair was caught in a tight grip. The numerous times his face had been forcefully jerked up had left distinct bruises on his chin in the shape of fingers. This pose elongated his neck and made his fair and slender neck look even slimmer. From Feng Qun’s point of view, he could see YiHan’s beautiful and erotic collarbone peeking out from a slightly agape collar. YiHan’s pale lips were tightly pressed together. Those wide almond-shaped eyes were filled with hatred and disgust, yet the man was unable to struggle or resist in any way. If one were so inclined, YiHan’s entire being was so very seductive. The helpless beauty.

The man who’d been high up above where Feng Qun could never touch was now lying on the ground before him, helpless to his every whim. It made his blood throb with heat.

Feng Qun leaned in closed and slowly whispered into YiHan’s ear, “Bai YiHan. Little Master Bai. Do you know what I longed most for since the moment I first saw you? I wanted to push you down beneath me and fuck you. I want to fuck you so hard that you cry. Your looks, your body, they’re all what I like the most. Even the way you glance at other people in contempt was so very seductive. Just the thought of you begging me with tears in your eyes under me would make me as hard as can be.

“But who are you? You are the third son of the Bai family. So many people doted on you, protected you. I wouldn’t even dare to look at you any longer than I needed to. But now? What could make me hesitate anymore? You win some, you lose some. Right?”

Then, his tongue reached out and licked along YiHan’s ear.

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5 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 91

  1. Thank you for the chapter! 🥳 I’m expecting that MJY will swoop down and save the beauty.

    Also, I can’t remember if there are any other antagonists mentioned that want to harm YiHan. 🤔


    1. I believe it’s probably the transmigrated ‘heroine’ for how can the female lead get with the male lead in the ‘book’ she read, if Yihan (who should be dead in that book) is alive?


  2. OMG, hurry and save him!! He went through too much in the last life. I can’t stand it if it happens this life too


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