GC: Chapter 90

90. An Agitated Man, a Twisted Heart

After Feng Qun was done speaking, he stood up and threw a hard kick at YiHan’s abdomen.

“While I, Feng Qun, am not anyone grand in this city,” he barked out. “I grew up as a young master too. But I followed you for so long. You ordered me around. I had to come at a summon and leave with a wave, just like a dog! Have you ever thought of me as a human? One would become fond of even a dog after being together for so long. But you turn your back to me in an instant. Without a single word, you broke off all contact with me. You made it so I had to be mocked and laughed at by those lowly illegitimate brothers of mine about how I “lost your favour”. In that old fart’s birthday banquet, you ruined everything I had with a single scream! My father gave me up without hesitation. Those bitches ran away with all of my assets and money. All of my shops encountered difficulties. Not only that, I had to be beaten up in some dark alley and have all of my documents and cash stolen. Three of my bones were broken! They have yet to fully recover! If not for my only remaining watch, I don’t even have a place to live in! Bai YiHan, you ruined everything for me. Now, I have to scurry and hide like a street rat. Always afraid of being discovered by you “great people” and be utterly beaten down! You did this to me! Now, you dare ask me why?”

The more Feng Qun spoke, the angrier he got. By the end of his rant, he had kicked XiaoYu a few more times on the abdomen and legs.

YiHan did his best to curl into a ball to protect his organs. Once Feng Qun finished kicking, YiHan coughed. He suppressed the blood he could smell coming up his throat.

“You should know that I’m not the one behind everything afterwards,” YiHan said.

Feng Qun smirked. “I know,” he said. “It’s Chen TianYang. But is there a difference? He only did it for your dear sister? Because that slut used too much force when strangling me so one of her nails snapped, he shut off all of my paths to survival. He even hired men to break three of my bones! What a lovestruck fool. Oh, the Bai family are all deities! They’re humans! Am I not a human then?”

When YiHan heard that, he was internally ecstatic for his sister. Chen TianYang really did adore XueQing to his core. They will be very happy together.

YiHan twitched and gradually shifted his body to ease up the pain in his stomach.

Like a cornered beast, Feng Qun paced around in a circle.

“I followed behind you like a loyal Labrador,” Feng Qun angrily scoffed. “How much humiliation did I suffer for that? I’ve been the Feng family’s tool and slave for years. I became your dog for them, so the Feng family could have an ally in the Bai family. But you guys? How did you guys treat me? A single yelp and my father, that old coot, just gave up on me! He watched as I was cornered into an unwinnable situation by Chen TianYang’s men, as they pummelled me into a hospital. Yet he didn’t dare to say anything! Don’t you guys feel any guilt when you look at me?”

“About the Feng family, your father, I know nothing,” YiHan slowly said. “But you’re the young master of the Feng family. You grew up well-dressed and well-fed. Servants heeded your every order. You lived in luxury. These were all given to you by the Feng family. Then, when you grow up, it is your duty to give back to your family in return. There’s no such thing as being their “tool and slave”. Your father gave you up because your relationship with him isn’t strong enough. What do I have to do with it? As for me, I thought of you as my friend. You did so many vile and evil deeds in my name, ruined my reputation. Have I ever interrogated you over that? Have I ever said anything when you used my name to reap benefits for the Feng family? You think it’s a humiliation to follow me but think about it. Have I ever forced you to stay by my side?”

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3 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 90

  1. uff… Eso, es mantén la calma… pero ¿quién está usando a FQ?, porque ese plan no es solo de ese tipo, siento que hay alguien en la sombra, alguien de quién ni el mismo YH es consciente. Porque si este FQ, no tiene dinero no contactos, como logró esquivar a los guardaespaldas, el químico para dormir y la camioneta.


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