GC: Chapter 89

89. Nightmare

A passer-by saw a few men helping a young man, seemingly drunk, into a silver van in an alleyway nearby. Unfortunately, the witness didn’t take any photos and the surveillance cameras at that area weren’t working. The Bai and Mu families, and the police force chased the trail down and eventually found their target van abandoned in the outskirts of the city.

It was left in a very remote place where there were no cameras around. Naturally, no one was around to see who abandoned the van or when it was abandoned. The car’s engine was still warm, which meant it wasn’t left behind that long ago. But where did they take YiHan? There were no more clues.

With their clues leading to a dead end, the Bai and Mu family members, the police force and Chen TianYang, who had swiftly rushed over when he heard the news, were all frustrated. To their surprise, it was a thorough young policeman, who had only followed along as an assistant, who found some fresh and reddish mud stuck in the tyres’ grooves. He said that this type of dirt can only ever be found in a specific area east of the city. He had been a playful boy and went there once when he’d discovered this specific dirt. The red colour wasn’t obvious and if one didn’t carefully inspect it, it was hard to differentiate it from any other dirt. He was so very proud that he had noticed this colour difference while no one else did. He felt as if he was as sharp as lightning and had the potential to be a godlike detective. Combined with his boyish wish to be a hero, he had aspired to be a reputable policeman. Thus, that area and its special dirt colour were always in his mind.

With a new lead, everyone gathered their spirits and restarted their search.

As for YiHan, he really was being held in that specific area. On that piece of land with mud tinted red was an abandoned logistics warehouse. YiHan was thrown onto the dusty floor with his limbs all tied up.

His fingers twitched as he slowly regained consciousness. He remembered being separated from his mother as rabid fans rushed by. He was worried his mother would be squished and trampled on. As he focused on the need to get to her, someone covered his mouth and nose with a handkerchief soaked in something strong and he fainted.

From the cold, hard floor beneath him and the numbing sensation seeping into his limbs from ropes bound too tightly, he wasn’t in a good situation. But this never happened in his past life. He hesitantly opened his eyes.

Above him came a mean and evil voice that he could and would never ever forget. “Hey, Little Master Bai. Awake at last?”

YiHan’s eyes shot wide open in horror He twisted his head to look up as best as he could. There, sitting in a chair before him, was his everlasting nightmare, Feng Qun!

His pupils shrank from fear. The blood in his face swiftly drained away. Even his lips had turned pale and colourless.

Feng Qun was very satisfied with his reaction. He walked over and knelt down before YiHan. He reached out and tilted YiHan’s chin up even further.

“Afraid?” he asked with a wicked smirk. “I’m so very sorry. Your body is so precious yet we crudely threw you on the floor. That was disrespectful of me, but I had no choice. Because of you, I, Feng Qun, have nothing now. You’ll have to be more forgiving due to my circumstances.”

By this lifetime, YiHan wasn’t the sheltered and naive little master of the Bai family he used to be anymore. He suppressed the terror he felt for Feng Qun. Repeatedly, he told himself this wasn’t his past life, that he had to calm down.

“You should know that no matter what happens to me, by abducting me, you will never have a place in this city. Can you tell me just what made you decide to exile yourself?”

Feng Qun’s head tilted sideways as he stared at YiHan. After a moment, he walked back to his chair and sat on it.

“You overcame your fear that quickly?” Feng Qun commented. “I have underestimated you. Why, you ask? Hah. Do you really not know?”

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