GC: Chapter 88

88. Search and Rescue

“Shortly after you left, Mr Mu,” the man over the phone said. “The Little Master went out with Madam Bai. They went to the shopping district in a car. It was very crowded so we could only follow from afar. Then, we passed by a group of performers surrounded by a lot of people. By the time we squeezed our way past the crowd, he was gone. Madam Bai is now in our protection but it was such a messy situation. The crowd forced them apart and the Madam didn’t know when the Little Master disappeared. She’s currently in great distress.”

“You couldn’t find him anywhere nearby? No other clues?” JingYuan asked.

“We’ve searched everywhere but there was not a single trace of him. However, someone did spot a few men carrying a young man who seemed to be asleep into a man.”

Blood drained from JingYuan’s face. “Then? What did you find?” he shot through gritted teeth.

“All our men are on the case. Our investigation will soon bear fruit. I think it should be that van. This was a premeditated abduction,” the bodyguard said.

“Use everyone we can. It must be swift. I’ll be there soon,” JingYuan sternly barked. His voice was so cold that it could freeze water.

JingYuan hung up and turned to the Bai family. “HanHan was kidnapped,” he said.

The three Bai family could guess what had happened from what they could hear of the call, but their fears were now confirmed. There was no hope it wasn’t true.

“Didn’t you say HanHan was at home?” XueQing angrily asked.

JingYuan’s face turned gloomy and his eyes were red. “My men said that soon after I drove off, he left the house with Aunt Bai,” he replied. He repeated what he knew of the current situation, then turned to Bai FuRen. “She’s very upset right now. You had best head back to comfort her. Yan, XueQing, we must combine the might of our two families and find HanHan as fast as possible. In his state, he can’t be agitated anymore!”

“I’ll go call the old Mr Yan,” FuRen said. “YiHan made a good impression on him. During the birthday party, the old Mr Yan protected him so much. The Yan family has ties in the government. The police would definitely be much more effective if the old Mr Yan speaks up!”

“Will he help us?” Yan asked.

“We’ll only know once we try,” FuRen replied.

The Bai and Mu families threw themselves into a tense search and rescue operation. Everyone had a dark and brooding face on. Their pace so swift that winds were born. The most unexpected thing to arise from it all was that the old Mr Yan actually helped them.

The Bai and Mu families were powerful enough that the police were already under high pressure. While YiHan had yet to go missing for over twenty-four hours, they’d already arranged for a team to solely tackle this case. When the old Mr Yan spoke to the police, the mountain putting pressure on the police force only grew. They assigned all the elite members they could to this case. Through rigorous investigation, they soon found a lead.

YiHan went missing at the outskirts of the performing group. The store had hired several great celebrities to help out with the event and they had a lot of fans. Every single inch of the area was packed with people passionately cheering for their stars. Many of them had already lost their sense to the cheering. If one wanted to get across this area, they’d had to loop around them.

YiHan only came out this time because he wasn’t strong enough to keep his objections up against his mother’s requests to go shopping with her. JingYuan told him to stay at home and wait for him. He wanted to be home before JingYuan did. Thus, he didn’t want to waste any more time by circling around the crowd or by driving off to somewhere else. The mother-son duo had a discussion, before deciding to wade through the crowd at the outer rings of the group. But then a group of rabid fans charged over all of a sudden and forced them away from their bodyguards and from each other. By the time JingYuan’s men and the Bai family bodyguards could grab Ma and pull her out of the crowd, YiHan was nowhere to be seen.

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4 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 88

  1. Highkey this family + Jingyuan flex to each other whenever they made HanHan really happy 😆😆
    Also, please be safe HanHan (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
    Love this story and the translation is really great! Thank you very much~~💖


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