GC: Chapter 82

82. Female Lead of the World

Li Sun let out an evil chuckle. He twisted his fingers around the girl’s chin and raised her face to look up at him.

“Of course. As long as I still have money to my name, of course you’ll like me,” he said.

The girl blinked. Her eyes as innocent and pure as always.

Sun just loved the way she’d put on an act. The maniac fire burning in him slowly died down at  the look on her face. He can’t not calm down. Any one of the three men in the club could easily squash him to death. If they never fall from grace, he’d never have a chance to pay back for the slight.

At that thought, his arm roughly pinched at the girl’s waist. She let out a pained squeal. He let out a loud laugh.

That night, because Li Sun was still fuming inside, what happened in bed was very crass, rough and painful. It took every trick in her sleeves to finally satisfy him with her service.

Li Sun slept beside her like a dead pig. There was not a single inch on her that wasn’t burning with pain, especially that spot below. The girl shot him a venomous glare. This foolish pig who only dared to bully the weak and kowtow to the strong! Once the plot started developing and she grew stronger, he would be the first to die! His corpse would be left in pieces!

She then recalled the sight she saw today. A hint of unease stirring in her heart. Things didn’t seem to be developing as the novel said it would. Why were the three of them together? They seemed to be friends too. This was not how it went in the book! Also, there’s that mini-boss, Feng Qun. While he was already dead by the time the story started, but that was after he’d completed all the plot points and had been stabbed to death by Bai YiHan just before he died too! But now, Feng Qun’s already out of the game while Bai YiHan was still doing okay. Just what went wrong? Did her transmigration affect the storyline? It’s all the transmigration’s fault. She entered into the novel too early. The proper story had yet to start. The event happening now were just pre-novel setups. The part of the story that the author merely summarised in a few sentences with no specifics at all.

However, so what if the story’s been warped? What if her transmigration affected it? She was a reader who knew everything that would happen in this story. She was also this world’s female lead. Did the universe think she couldn’t pacify a group of ignorant natives acting out?

Her mind flashed to the male lead, Mu JingYuan. His gentlemanly manners. His strong aura. Her heart raced in delight. Mu JingYuan. The male protagonist of this world. This man who was so strong that he could easily make anyone and everyone bow to him. He could only be hers!


Bai Family.

The male protagonist of the world, who was so strong he could make anyone and everyone bow to him, was currently sneaking into YiHan’s bedroom in the middle of the night from the guest bedroom next door. He kissed YiHan awake and the couple did some shameful things.

This time, YiHan was completely sober. It had a great impact on him mentally. He had never ever felt as close to JingYuan as he did then. While life had turned on its head after his rebirth, and his relationship with JingYuan had changed drastically, plus JingYuan had also properly confessed his love to him, YiHan’s past life still had a tight hold on him. JingYuan’s past rejection and departure had been something bothering him the whole time. It was why he was unable to fully accept what was happening. Nothing felt like it was real. Everything was so perfect that it all felt like a one-sided fantasy of his. He was always afraid he’d wake up one day and find out everything was just a dream. All of that dreamlike quality dissipated with JingYuan’s tight embrace, with how close they were to each other, the negative distance between them. Under the dim light of his wall lamp, he could clearly see every inch of the passionate gaze rushing at him and washing away his fears. The thrilling sensation of his body being taken was unmistakable. JingYuan’s heavy pants. His blazing lips. They made his entire body tremble. He watched as JingYuan lost control. Love took over YiHan. He couldn’t resist it anymore. He leaned up to kiss the other and embraced JingYuan’s neck. His legs lifted and wrapped around the other’s waist. YiHan’s spirited response pushed JingYuan over the edge and his body went berserk…

Translator’s Note:

Welp, this story had definitely slipped past the censors. Fun!

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8 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 82

  1. Wow did not expect to find a stupid girl with the airs of a protagonist without knowing that she is only cannon fodder, especially if she dares to want to harm YH

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Okay, the first half got me lol I’m just like wtf.
    Now we have rebirth and transmigration with a girl who thinks too much xD

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Esa no me la esperaba, ahora… en la novela, qué pasó con MJY cuando supo de la muerte de Bai?… además, cómo es que la chica al lado de ese tipo es la protagonista femenina?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ya se, esta muy raro, si se supone que JingYuan estaba enamoradisimo del prota, como en la novela va a terminar con esa tipa, no le halló sentido, ya la habían mencionado antes? Que yo recuerde todo lo que contaron era lo de la hermana de YiHan, lo que me imagino es que esa tipa (la original) se ha de parecer un poco a YiHan, (en la personalidad) y eso atrajo a JingYuan y no se por eso me imagino que terminaron juntos, es la única forma en que le hallo sentido


      1. Yo no entiendo, cómo él en la otra línea de tiempo, no averiguó exactamente que pasó, después de todo, él fue violado, además nunca creyó o quiso aprovecharse de que él le dijera que lo amara, sí… YH pudo ser un consentido irritable, pero aún así actuar… no hacer nada… para detener la espiral de caída, cuando se ve que es un controlador?… muy raro.


  4. I’ve been screaming different kinds of “wow” thia chapter

    wow she’s a transmigrator
    wooooow she think she’s the female lead
    woow wtf lol sneaking in? reaaaally?
    woooow they are rabbits in heat!


  5. Dang was not expecting that curveball. Out of the blue too. I have to say great plot twist. I actually don’t have anything against her doing shameless things. Plenty of other protagonists have done the same. It’s the hubris in thinking MJ is going to hers that bristles my britches.


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