GC: Chapter 80

80. That Girl

JingYuan sat down by YiHan’s side. He lifted his hand up and helped smooth down the hair hanging down over YiHan’s forehead.

“I was here for some business meetings when I saw you,” JingYuan said with endless warmth in his deep voice.

TianYang’s mouth secretly twitched upwards. JingYuan ignored him, then gestured at the group standing in front of them with a jerk of his head.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

YiHan turned and glanced at the group. He frowned.

“Just a few people who don’t know when they’re not welcome. It’s nothing. We’ll just shoo them away,” he replied.

JingYuan looked up and stared down Li Sun and the others. His dark gaze made them feel as if they were being stared at by a wolf. Chills ran down their spines. Cold sweat began beading on their foreheads. They didn’t dare dally anymore with JingYuan around. With fawning smiles, they stammered out a greeting before they ran away with their tails between their legs.

“Looks like Mr Mu is more respected. I told them to scram, but they wouldn’t go. With just one look, you’ve got them running scared,” TianYang said with a smile.

“I just wanted to remember what they look like,” JingYuan blandly stated.

Unwittingly, TianYang shivered from the implication behind the other’s words. Mu JingYuan was going crazy. He must never ever make Bai YiHan upset. Not only would that make XueQing hate him forever, a crazy JingYuan would also give him migraines.

YiHan didn’t feel the chilly terror that was radiating off JingYuan at all. He was just overwhelmed by the comforting feelings washing over him at encountering JingYuan at such a trying time.

“Are you done with your meetings?” YiHan happily asked. “Are you thirsty? Do you want a drink?”

“I was getting rather thirsty,” JingYuan said with a nod and took a sip from YiHan’s glass without a single hitch.

YiHan felt a little bit uncomfortable with the public display. While JingYuan frequently shared his glass, they were in public right now and TianYang was still sitting with them. He snuck a glance at TianYang and uneasily shuffled in his seat.

TianYang was currently admiring the far-off scenery and wasn’t looking at their direction. YiHan let out a secret sigh of relief. His hand under the table reached over to JingYuan’s thigh and pinched it, reminding the other man to be more aware of his surroundings. Immediately after that, he felt guilty about the pinch and started rubbing at the spot in soothing motions.

JingYuan nearly burst out laughing. He threw a lovingly exasperated look at YiHan and couldn’t keep his hand from ruffling the other’s hair, which then garnered a glare from YiHan. JingYuan’s mood instantly improved.

TianYang: “…” Can you two keep it down? Can he look back ever?

When YiHan left for the toilets, TianYang seized the chance to talk to JingYuan.

“Why are you out here? Didn’t you plan to secretly follow behind?” TianYang asked with a raised eyebrow.

The other man merely glanced at him. He didn’t speak.

“Because of those guys just now?” TianYang continued. “Are you afraid I can’t chase them off? When did you become so impatient?”

“It’s not that I’m afraid you can’t chase them off, but that you’ll do it so slowly that it’ll start affecting YiHan’s mood,” JingYuan replied.

JingYuan’s brows locked together. He thought back to the girl who was hiding behind Li Sun the whole time. He would never forget that face. After all, he had once envied her to death.

“What are you thinking about?” TianYang asked. “Why so serious?”

“I’m thinking about the girl from just now,” JingYuan answered.

TianYang: “…” You, a homosexual, thinking about a girl? Are you pulling my leg?

Before TianYang could ask for clarification, YiHan returned. JingYuan pushed the cake from before over to YiHan.

“Eat something. Horse-riding takes a lot of energy,” JingYuan softly said.

Chills ran down TianYang’s spine and he silently shivered once more. Was JingYuan trying to be an angel? He actually spoke in a sweet and soft voice! Did XueQing know of this? No way. He had to go. If he kept hanging out with this gay couple, his skin would turn into a chicken’s skin and peel off with how badly he’d be shivering!

YiHan meanwhile found nothing wrong with JingYuan’s tone. After all, the other man would often to speak  to him in the exact same voice. He was used to it already. When he saw that only he had cake, he felt rather bad about it.

“Why am I the only one with cake? Don’t you guys want some?” YiHan asked.

“You have it,” JingYuan said. “We don’t like sweets.”

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  1. lol merciless to the single man. Please give the guy a break, you idiot couple. He’s not used to PDA! And he just discovered a dangerous secret of the wolf

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