GC: Chapter 75

75. Pay You Back With Another

YiHan was startled. “I…I didn’t say I want to but…my sister, she…”

JingYuan went silent. He stood up and turned away from YiHan. “XueQing and I have explained this to you,” he said sadly. “Our engagement is fake. It was all a bad plan, but I did all that for you! I thought we explained it clearly enough but the way you’re acting now…HanHan, are you regretting it? It’s fine. You know I love you. You hold all the authority to hurt me. No matter what you decide to do, I will accept it. No matter how you treat me, I’ll…accept it. As long as you’re happy.”

YiHan’s heart throbbed in pain. He hurriedly stood up. Before he even paused and thought about it, he wrapped his arms around JingYuan’s slim waist and panickily said, “JingYuan, I didn’t mean that. I-I like you too. I like you the most. How could I bear to hurt you? It’s just…my sister, I…I always feel like I’m the thief here. I don’t know what I should say.”

The edges of JingYuan’s lips twitched. He turned back around and used his height advantage to pull YiHan into his embrace. “I know. I shouldn’t push you. I’m the one in the wrong in the first place. I made a bad move first which made you upset. I’ll happily accept any punishment from you,” he sighed.

“No punishment,” YiHan quickly shot. “I just…I don’t know what we are right now.”

JingYuan sighed once more. “HanHan, I thought we were on the same page and again…After being so intimate, we’re lovers now. Am I wrong?”

YiHan felt his face flushing once more. “T-That’s right,” he whispered.

JingYuan let out a sigh of relief. “We’ll try to resolve the engagement issue as fast as possible. Your sister is in more of a hurry than us.”

“I want it settled soon too,” YiHan said with a frown. “But…I still don’t know how I should get close to Chen TianYang. This concerns my sister’s lifetime happiness. I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.”

JingYuan smiled and let go of YiHan. He pulled the younger man down on the couch and fed him another slice of peach. “HanHan, have you ever thought that if Chen TianYang really liked XueQing, you wouldn’t need to get close to him? That he’d use any chance to actively get close to you? You just need to create a ‘chance’ for him. If he comes, that means he really wants to be close to XueQing’s family. If he doesn’t get hooked, then XueQing probably stands no chance. This is also a test on what he thinks,” said JingYuan.

When YiHan heard that, his eyes started sparkling. He even forgot to chew the peach in his mouth. In his excitement, he pounced on JingYuan and eagerly said, “Right. Why did I never think of that before? You’re so smart!”

JingYuan steadily caught him. His smile widened and raised his hands to press on the back of YiHan’s head. He kissed the other on the lips. His tongue swept through YiHan’s mouth and stole the peach slice from the other with a curl of his tongue.

“Not bad,” he said as he chewed on his stolen peach slice. “It’s very sweet.”

YiHan hopped off. His face as red as a tomato. “We still have a lot more if you wanted some. Why did you have to steal mine?” he asked.

“Well, I’ll pay you back with another,” JingYuan lovingly said, spearing another slice with the fork.

YiHan: “…”


The next day, Chen TianYang spotted a familiar face pulled over by the road as he was driving home after work. He slowed down and took a thorough look at it. Didn’t it belong to the Bai family? That’s the car YiHan usually use when he gets out!

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