GC: Chapter 74

74. Lovers

YiHan’s face went aflame. “N-No. I’m okay. Um…that…my eyes are feeling strained. I’ll take a break. Get some water,” he stuttered. Saying so, he threw the bunched-up wad of paper into the waste basket. In jittery, panicked motions, he stood up to pour a drink from the jug of water nearby.

JingYuan stared at YiHan’s Adam’s apple bobbled up and down as he gulped down water. It reminded him of that night when his little one also complained he was thirsty and wanted a drink. In the end, YiHan mistook liquor for water and…

Stop! Mu JingYuan, stop thinking! If Little JingYuan stood up and saluted YiHan now, his image in HanHan’s mind would be ruined!

JingYuan silently took a few deep breaths and shoved the desire swelling up in him deep down into the unknown bottom of his mind. Only then did he stand up and walked over to YiHan. Casually, as if he hadn’t been thinking very dirty thoughts about YiHan, he wiped away the water drops hanging on the edges of YiHan’s mouth.

When YiHan looked down and put a hand on his stomach, JingYuan gently asked, “Are you hungry? Lunch will be ready soon. Now’s not a good time for a proper snack. Why don’t I get you some fruit instead?”

Somewhat embarrassed and perplexed, YiHan hurriedly nodded. His eyes trailed after JingYuan who walked out the door through to the kitchen. He was feeling rather anxious. Just what is their relationship right now? He was so happy at how affectionate JingYuan was being, but that man was still his future brother-in-law. Every time JingYuan showed his affections, YiHan felt so ashamed. He felt like some mistress who’s having a scandalous affair with his brother-in-law. Perhaps it was because of the deep-seated belief he had from his last life, perhaps that was affecting his thoughts. No matter how much his sister and JingYuan emphasised their engagement was just a farce, he still felt very uneasy about it. It felt like he was a thief. This was so much different from the decision he made when he was reborn. This development that had strayed so far away from what he had predicted that he was trembling at the thought of everything.

With a plate of tiny cubes of honeydew and peaches, JingYuan pushed through the door and back into the room. YiHan might’ve instantly composed himself and smiled at JingYuan, the other man still caught a glimpse of YiHan’s panic flashing through his face. That made his heart clench hard with pain.

Without saying anything, JingYuan walked over to YiHan and placed the plate on the table. He speared a piece of honeydew with a tiny fork and raised it to YiHan’s lips.

“Aunt Yang said this honeydew’s very sweet. Try it,” JingYuan said with a smile.

YiHan’s mouth snatched the honeydew from the fork while it was still in JingYuan’s hand. Maybe it was because this honeydew came from JingYuan, YiHan felt as if the honeydew was so much sweeter than the fruits he usually ate. He couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“It’s very sweet. You have some too,” YiHan said.

JingYuan smiled and used the same fork to grab a piece. He even licked the juices left on the fork after swallowing down the fruit cube.

“It’s extremely sweet,” JingYuan suggestively said.

YiHan nearly choked on his own breath at how seductive JingYuan was acting. His eyes were as wide as plates. He didn’t even know what to say. There were two forks that came with the plate of cut fruits. Why did JingYuan used the fork YiHan did? He even licked…

JingYuan glanced at YiHan. “What is it?” he asked, curious as to what the issue was.

“That fork…I, um, I…I just used that…” YiHan mumbled.

“I know,” JingYuan replied, more confused than before.

“Yet you still…”

All of a sudden, JingYuan leaned in close. “We’re lovers,” he interrupted. “Why can’t we share a fork? You don’t like me? Am I disgusting?”

YiHan’s heart thumped and raced. “L-Lovers…” he stammered.

“Of course we’re lovers,” JingYuan said with a pained look. “Unless you want to deny all responsibility?”

Translator’s Note:

Don’t like me? Am I disgusting: The Chinese text merely said, “Do you dislike me?” but the phrase used, 嫌弃, can be used to imply the speaker thinks the other disgusting or hateful for some unpleasant reason.

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7 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 74

  1. Wish the author made the chapters longer though… each time it leaves me wanting more! I already want to read how the family will resolve this and how YiHan matures!
    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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  2. Why do people always make such a big deal about using the same cutlery to eat, the same bottle to drink? I just don’t get it lol (I’m talking about friends not total strangers, I wouldn’t do that with someone I don’t know xD)

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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