GC: Chapter 71

71. Thin-skinned

Yan couldn’t help but pull JingYuan into a firm sideways hug by the shoulders. FuRen too felt guilty. He owed JingYuan a lot. This man had done far too much for his youngest son.

“JingYuan, I’m so sorry about this,” FuRen sighed.

“It’s what I should do. Don’t apologise,” JingYuan hurriedly said, his face blushing like a tomato from embarrassment.

“Okay,” FuRen agreed, nodding his head. “You’re a good kid. I wasn’t wrong to trust in you.” At this, he turned his attentions to his daughter. “XueQing, if you don’t cherish a man as fine as JingYuan, you’ll forever regret it,” he said.

XueQing gave her father a solemn nod. “Relax, Father,” she replied. “I will properly ‘treasure’ him.”

JingYuan swiftly stood up. His face was burning. “I’ll head back to the Bai family home first,” he said. “I’ll go sit with YiHan. It’s been too long since I left his side. That’s very dangerous.” His feet hastily walked out of the room, nearly bumping into the door. He opened the door and left (escaped) without looking back at the other three.

FuRen finally relaxed. “He’s embarrassed by that. How thin-skinned,” he commented with a smile.

“That’s right,” XueQing agreed seriously. “He’s very thin-skinned.” So much so that he can just continue the topic by himself and convince everyone to let him gobble up her little brother! If YiHan didn’t like him, she would’ve knocked all his teeth out by now. Bastard!

“Right. One more thing. Someone took care of Feng Qun,” said Yan.

“Who?” XueQing asked, curiosity strong in her voice. “I wanted to do it myself but I’ve been busy these few days. I didn’t have the time.”

Yan looked at her long and hard with a weird sort of gaze. “Chen TianYang,” he said.

“Chen TianYang?” XueQing was shocked. “Why did he do that? Did Feng Qun do something to him?”

Yan cleared his throat. “It should be for you,” he said to his dense little sister. “Everyone in the world knows what he thinks of you.”

She scratched her face in an unladylike manner. “What does it have to do with me?” she asked with a dry, awkward smile. “Perhaps Feng Qun made him angry or upset some time ago?”

Honestly, TianYang had made a pretty good impression on her. He was exceedingly attractive, moral and capable. Only, she grew up with JingYuan. Of course, the first burst of emotions would be targeted at JingYuan. Now that everything’s out in the open, she realised what she felt for him wasn’t love at all. Just what was love then?

JingYuan said TianYang would refuse to wash his hands for weeks if he shook hands with her. While that’s sounds like an exaggeration, but she had paid special heed to TianYang’s hands the past two times they’d met. Every time after they shook hands, he would hide that hand behind him and clench it tight into a fist. He would never release it from the fist until way after, as if he was trying keep something. She had never felt that type of feeling before. Just what kind of emotions would make someone at the top of the world do that subconsciously?

She didn’t get it.

“The heir of the Chen family isn’t bad, in terms of family background and character,” FuRen commented. “But you must know, XueQing, that there are countless of handsome and capable men in the world. There are plenty just in this city. However, monogamy is the most ethical choice. You must not sway in your affections. Since you’ve chosen JingYuan, you must be responsible. To your choice, to HanHan, to your engagement. We owe JingYuan too much.”

Internally, XueQing rolled her eyes over and over. Owe him? My dear father, you’ll soon know just how much he’d taken advantage of us.

She stiffly nodded before changing the topic. “How did TianYang take care of Feng Qun?” she asked. “Tell me.”

Translator’s Note:

No, there’s no April Fool’s thing. Inconceivable

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