GC: Chapter 70

70. Engagement on Pause

“That’s right,” XueQing solemnly agreed. “For eons, intelligence is the most important factor when two armies clash. Before we know for certain everything that went on and who are involved in this, we must tread lightly. Lil Bro’s safety is of utmost importance. He’s suicidal. Someone must be by his side at all times and it must be someone who can sway him emotionally. JingYuan, you handle this. You’ve always been the best at handling him. You’ve also got fast reflexes. If not for you this time, who knows what we’d be met with? You’re the most suitable protector for him. As for the investigation, leave it to us. This matter is urgent. Our enemy’s blade is at our throats. We must act swiftly!”

Initially, FuRen and Yan didn’t think JingYuan was the best candidate to protect YiHan. This was a smart man, decisive and observant. He’d be a great help in dealing with the masterminds of this scheme. However, after they heard XueQing’s reasons and were reminded of YiHan’s nearly successful suicide attempt a few days ago, they both instantly felt it must be JingYuan. After all, YiHan’s life was the very most important thing at risk here. Everything else was second to it. What if YiHan really did succeed in taking his life one day? What would be the meaning in all their work? What use would there be in catching the mastermind of this plot?

Everything was for YiHan’s frail life!

FuRen patted JingYuan on the shoulder once more. “HanHan’s safety is in your hands. You’ve always doted on him the most out of all of us. It was all thanks to you last time. Even if I was in the room then, I wouldn’t have reacted as fast as you did. I won’t keep repeating how thankful I am to you for that. We have always thought of you as part of the family. Now that you’re marrying XueQing, you will be part of this family by law as well,” he said.

Yan nodded in agreement.

JingYuan shot XueQing a look of gratitude, before focusing back on FuRen. “I will definitely fulfil my duty in protecting HanHan,” he stated. “Even if you didn’t ask me to stay by his side, I would’ve stayed over at your place.”

“Let’s put my engagement with JingYuan on a hold for now,” XueQing blurted.

FuRen was shocked. He hurriedly glanced at JingYuan whose body had gone stiff (from excitement). “What are you saying?” he asked XueQing in an unhappy tone. “Marriage is a big step in your life. How can you treat it like a game? There’s no conflict between resolving your brother’s issue and your marriage!”

XueQing shot a look at JingYuan who stiffened up his body even further. “That’s not it, Father,” XueQing replied in a show of seriousness. “Perhaps it’s just women’s intuition. I always felt like HanHan was somewhat against JingYuan’s and my engagement. While he said nothing, every time the topic is mentioned, his mood would dip very low. He’s in a dangerous spot now. Anything that would upset him should be stopped immediately. Once this wave has passed, it’s not too late to continue. After all, we’re still young. No need to rush.”

JingYuan instantly got her angle. “Yes,” he solemnly agreed. “I felt so too. It’s only after XueQing brought it up that I knew I wasn’t alone in that feeling. He certainly had a major reaction to our engagement. We must understand that he’s so much more “mature” now. He won’t just show on his face everything that’s making him upset now. He’ll brood over them alone. That’s very risky. I think no matter if our guesses are correct or not, we should at least not leave it to what-ifs. We must nip every danger in the bud.

“XueQing’s right to say we’re young. It’s only a minor dely. That’s worth nothing for the sake of HanHan’s safety.”

Yan’s respect for his future brother-in-law rose greatly at that. What great sacrifice! JingYuan would delay the wedding just for his little brother’s safety. Not only that, JingYuan was willing to put his company aside to be his little brother’s bodyguard. The Bai family owed him much for this!

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