GC: Chapter 68

68. Win Him Over

XueQing scribbled and drew on a piece of paper. Finally, her overall plan was all written down. Then, she snuck over to JingYuan. After they did some minor adjustments and filled in a few tiny details, the two selected a time to sneakily meet up with TianYang. It was just like briefing him on a secret mission. After informing him on the gist of the situation, the plan was triplicated while they discussed it in detail. Before XueQing and JingYuan parted with TianYang, they asked him to play along with YiHan who would try and “get close” to “test the waters” on this matter.

TianYang was rather upset that XueQing and JingYuan were once engaged, even though he knew JingYuan only loved YiHan.

Hmph. JingYuan was so boring and out of touch with the world. He’s not a good fit for TianYang’s cute little brother-in-law, let alone TianYang’s idol! (Oh, how TianYang blushed at his new status.)

As for the upcoming test from his new “brother-in-law”, TianYang would face it with 120% of his abilities. He will win over the most precious person in his goddess’s life – his future brother-in-law, YiHan!

With TianYang dealt with, JingYuan and XueQing used “work” to get Bai Yan in FuRen’s office. They then locked the door and told him all about their suspicions on YiHan’s recent behaviour. Of course, they didn’t mention the night of excitement to him. They merely told Yan that YiHan mistakenly thought something happened because he woke up early and saw JingYuan in the sleeping bed as him.

FuRen’s computer, his documents, everything on FuRen’s desk was swept off the desk as the ever-composed FuRen erupted. Even Yan turned ghastly pale.

“I’ve consulted several well-known psychiatrists,” JingYuan calmly stated. “They think he most likely has depression and extremely suicidal. They even told me my hypothesis isn’t impossible either. For someone to be so affected by a deliberate suggestion, it can be labelled under hypnosis instead of mere suggestion. The ability to push a healthy person to the brink of suicide in such a short amount of time is not something an ordinary psychiatrist can do. At least, none of the doctors I consulted is capable of that. After all, if all psychiatrists can do that, wouldn’t we have a lot of invisible killers roaming among us by now?”

“But it’s still possible,” Yan gloomily said. “Perhaps only a few are capable of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, right? The change in HanHan is drastic. He even wants to kill himself now. I can think of no other possibility.”

XueQing nodded in agreement.

FuRen stared out of the floor-to-ceiling windows with his back to the room. It seemed like he’d calmed down after the outburst of rage before. However, the two hands crossed behind him spoke of his inner turmoil. They were clenched so hard his knuckles turned white.

“The Bai family has never offended anyone that powerful. While HanHan is rash and reckless, he can’t have established such a grudge so deep the other would want him dead. With no sensible reason why we’d be targeted, it must be money that can make a hypnotist this powerful to strike so hard from the start,” said FuRen.

“Perhaps we’ve interacted with the mastermind behind it all,” he continued. “Perhaps there’s a grudge between us. They understand our family. At least, they know HanHan is our entire family’s weakness. If anything happens to him, the Bai family, even JingYuan, would panic. Someone rich enough to hire a hypnotist this strong and powerful enough to cover everything up, never allowing anyone of us to notice anything wrong…There aren’t many who can fit all of these criteria.”

XueQing collapsed onto the couch in the room. Her back stiff as a board, she softly stated, “This person did this to HanHan while JingYuan was away. Perhaps they have access to JingYuan’s movements. Perhaps shaking up our family could benefit them in some way.”

“If they wish to harm our family and use that chance to take a bite out of us, then this person’s status won’t be too far below our family’s, they might even be higher up in status,” Yan added.

Translator’s Note:

Win him over/Win over: The more literal translation reads “take him down”/“take down”. For some reason, winning people over isn’t seen as swaying people to your side but conquering/defeating the other. There’s a tiny streak of superiority complex when you look at the phrasing in English, hence the change to a phrase that’s more accurate in tone.

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    1. you are right but what if there really something in the past life🤔
      i mean what if the person who tried to kill the sister wasn’t one of her fan but an enemy👀


      1. Yeah, but you cannot really arrest someone of a crime before they do it, although my reading of various Chinese novels tells me that they (the people that are gonna be implicated) probably have a lot of illegal business dealings anyways.


  1. jajaja no sé si reir o llorar con sus suposiciones.
    Pero, la cosa es que ustedes son los culpables. Primero no debieron haber consentido tanto a HanHan, eso habría evitado su comportamiento, caer con aquella persona, que además hiciera berrinches…

    Pero sigo preguntandome, por qué en la otra línea de tiempo el ML nunca creyó que HanHan lo amara. ¿eso sería antes o después del vídeo?, además ¿por qué no investigó?, se fue, dejó a la familia hundirse a tal estado y su amado murió miserablemente, me pregunto ¿el ML de la otra línea de tiempo qu´´e hizo al enterarse de la muerte de HanHan?, ¿su familia lloró por él?. Se que no debo preguntarme por la otra línea de tiempo, pero esos puntos que pregunté en verdad no tienen sentido.

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  2. It’s the author! They’re the culprit of all these debacle you’re going through! Hear me from the other side darn it!!


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