GC: Chapter 67

67. Pleasure Working With You

TianYang was so thrilled that his heart felt like it was going through a seizure! The first man XueQing thought of when encountering a time in need was him! What did this mean? It must mean she very  much approved of him! This was undoubtedly a major chance for him. As long as he was smart enough to make full use of it, getting closer to his goddess would be more than just a daydream! It’d be a historic leap in his relationship with XueQing!

He supressed the fluttering eagerness within him and “calmly” said, “Of course I can help you out. You don’t need to do anything in return. Our families are friends and you’ve always been the most admirable woman I’ve known. I’ll do my best to help you with anything you’d need. It’d also be an honour to pretend to be your boyfriend.”

Finally, a smile graced XueQing’s face.

“Then, I’ll be relying on you. Thank you so much for your help. I left the house in a rush today and didn’t have time to make the sufficient preparations. I’ll draft up a contract as soon as I get back. It’ll be sent to you along with the overall plan. It’d be a pleasure working with you,” she said as she stood up and held out a fair, slender hand.

Ah, she still wanted to draft up a contract. She really was treating this like it’s just business. TianYang was a little disappointed. However, he soon pulled himself together. It was already great that she’d come to him first. If she had gone to someone else for help…

Damn it! He really would be banging his head on the wall!

That train of thought made everything seemed okay. He’ll show everyone how capable he was. He’ll use this chance to properly get close to XueQing and show her the best side of him. He’ll let her know he was someone she could place her trust in, someone she could entrust her married life to! He’s the one in this whole wide world who loved her the most!

That’s it. Cheer up, TianYang! You can do it!

While the entire motivational speech seemed to take a long time, it was actually done in the blink of an eye in real time. TianYang shook XueQing’s hand.

“I’m very much honoured to be so trusted by you, XueQing. It’ll be a pleasure working with you,” he replied with the most perfect smile he could muster.

Their hands parted in cordial formality. He didn’t try to hold on any longer. He was afraid the slightest hint of impropriety would make her dislike him. After letting go, he clenched his hand in a fist behind his back. An attempt to make the presence and scent XueQing left behind last longer, just like he always did.

It’s fine, TianYang. Once you’re her boyfriend, even if it’s just a pretend boyfriend, you’ll have plenty more chances to interact with her!

There were thousands of horses galloping through his mind. He looked calm on the outside, acting precisely like a proper gentleman would. He walked out behind XueQing and opened her car door for her. He only entered his car after watching her car leave his sight. In the driver’s seat, his hands curled up in excitement. Today was to be an important moment in his life. Everything was about to change. He can do it!

XueQing felt much more relaxed after ticking this agenda off her list of to-dos. When she arrived home, she immediately wrote up a draft of the contract and sent it to TianYang. The other replied fast. She was very satisfied with how prudent the man was being.

She soon busied herself writing up a plan for their relationship. When should TianYang show up, how he should show up, how her “affections” would be “shifted” logically and appear entirely natural and not out of the blue.

Chen TianYang was an important member of this operation. If he were to perform his part well, she must let him in on some of the reasons. Thankfully, JingYuan said this man was reliable. She also trusted in his character. With this non-disclosure agreement signed, he’s one of her trusted friends now.

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