GC: Chapter 66

66. Gap in Love

YiHan didn’t understand why Aunt Yang wanted him to taste this specific dish. However, he took a bite without hesitation.

“It’s delicious,” he praised. “Your lamb ribs taste the best.”

Aunt Yang’s eyes crinkled with joy. Her day felt complete. “That’s good,” she commented before drifting back to the kitchen. Of course, what she was saying internally was different: Of course, it’s the best to my Little Master! I’ve been working in this family for so many years. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know your tastes the best. I’ve done the most research on it! No matter what you want to eat, I can uphold the standard! Bwakaka.


It was teatime. At the cafe, pairs and trios relaxed and sipped their coffee as they enjoyed their romantic, carefree time. In one of its lavishly designed private rooms, a young man and woman sat, face to face. A solemn air about them.

Chen TianYang was panicking. He was alone with the girl he admired in an enclosed space. The air was stifling. It was hard to breathe. Still, he persisted. On the outside, he looked very calm.

XueQing stared at the man. After a moment of silence, she opened up, “Mr Chen, what do you think of me?”

TianYang felt his heart skip. It was thumping wildly, yet it was a little disappointed. He already pushed past the formal boundaries on his own accord to call her XueQing, yet she was still calling him Mr Chen. That’s the difference between one who’s in love and one who’s not.

He really couldn’t help but be down from it, but he was used to it. It was already a pleasant surprise to be able to be alone with XueQing. She was even the one who called him out this time.

“XueQing, you are the most beautiful and capable woman I know,” TianYang replied without hesitation. “No one else can compare.” When the last word left his lifts, he instantly regretted it and started berating himself. How can he say that? He sounded like a fanatic. It sounded so very fake. Oh, TianYang, where have your skills from the negotiating table gone? This was a rare chance. You can’t mess it up!

XueQing nodded. Sternly, she said, “Mr Chen, let’s not beat about the bush. I asked you out today because I would like your help with something. Of course, you have the right to refuse to help me in anything.”

“Please, ask away. I’ll do my best as long as I can help,” he said. When he saw how serious she was taking this, he stopped his thoughts from derailing further and put on a serious face too. Did the Bai family encounter some difficulty? Or did she know he’d secretly taken care of Feng Qun?

“It’s…Because of some reasons, I need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend for a while. It must be a secret and it needs to look real. We even have to fool our parents and relatives. Of course, I won’t make you help for free. Even if this fails, as long as you do your best, I’ll do anything for you. Of course, only if I can. What do you think?” she asked.

TianYang was shocked. Never would he imagine this going that way! He wasn’t prepared at all!

“Why ask me?” he asked in a daze.

XueQing crossed her fingers and placed her hands on the table. “I just told you. This must be a secret. We can’t even tell our family and friends. If I want it to look real, he must be a suitable man in all aspects. Even though my family’s not one of the big families in this city, we are somewhat rich. There aren’t a lot of men who can make Bai XueQing fall in love. You were the first man that came to my mind. I trust in your character and morals. I believe you. Even if you say no today, you won’t tell anyone else about this.”

Translator’s Note:

Gap in love/difference between…one who’s not: This is meant to be a little pun/smart language with double meaning. It translates to “the difference between one who cares and one who doesn’t”, but there’s two ways to go about it. The “care” could mean love, actual concern or just whether someone paid attention to what they’re doing at all.

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  1. A ver… ¿por qué un contrato matrimonial con tu cuñado? , pero con este chico es solo noviazgo… arghh… esta mujer tiene un bajo EQ… sí, es hermana y familia de nuestro prota.


  2. Wow, another bad move (っ ̯- ) Does she has to play with his heart this way? She knows that he loves her and now that..

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)


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