GC: Chapter 60

60. So Stupid

The man who drove that car might have been one of his sister’s admirer. Because XueQing never paid attention to him, his love turned into hate. He wanted to pull her down to hell with him. An utter and complete maniac. Chen TianYang just so happened to bump into YiHan’s sister that day. They were just greeting each other when that psycho drove straight at XueQing. She had her back to it. She didn’t see it, but TianYang was standing opposite her. The car was so fast that he only had enough time to push XueQing away while he himself was hit and thrown a few feet away by it. He was even ran over by a wheel. He died on the spot. His corpse was in an awful state. On the other hand, XueQing only had a few scrapes from when she was unbalanced by the push.

Yes. From the looks of it, TianYang absolutely, definitely love YiHan’s sister a whole heaping lot. If XueQing got together with him, she wouldn’t be mistreated. That is, if he doesn’t die. He must live to a ripe old age. Only then would he bring XueQing happiness.

And it’d be such a pity for a man like that to die. TianYang would be his brother-in-law. They’re a family. He can’t let anything happen to TianYang.

However, YiHan didn’t remember just when the incident happened anymore. All he knew was that it’d happen in September next year. He can’t just make his sister stay in the house throughout the whole of September without stepping a foot outside. A lot has changed in this life, like his relationship with JingYuan. If his sister got together with TianYang, who knew if that maniac would change his mind? Even if he didn’t, if XueQing holed up through September, the guy might wait until October, right? YiHan can’t make his sister stay at home her whole life just to avoid that crazy guy.

Aaah! He really was the most stupid person on earth. He knew something would happen, but he had no way of resolving it. Why was the one reborn him? If it was the clever JingYuan, or even Chen TianYang, they would surely have a way to solve this!

Why not just tell JingYuan about this and ask for his help? He’ll surely have a way, but then how would YiHan explain why he knew so many things from the future?

Should he tell JingYuan about his rebirth? Absolutely not! He died in such a horrible and dirty way. He cannot tell JingYuan. What should he do then? YiHan can’t just let things play out without doing a single thing when it’s about his sister’s happiness!

Aah! This was so frustrating! YiHan flopped onto his other side. His body slapped against the bed. He buried his head into his pillow and bashed his hands against the bed in annoyance.


The moment JingYuan reached the door to XueQing’s bedroom, his hand started knocking insistently. After a while, the door opened. With her hair a mess, XueQing glared at him with dead eyes. If he didn’t have a very good explanation, she would instantly drag him off to be slaughtered.

JingYuan calmly nodded to her and slid around her into her bedroom.

XueQing closed the door and, in a menacing tone, said, “You’d best give me a good reason for this. You should know that interrupting other’s, especially a woman’s, sleep is very wicked deed.”

JingYuan walked over to the small couch in the room and sat down. “HanHan woke up. While I was asleep, he attempted suicide,” he spat out.

A cold shiver ran through XueQing. She felt like she was going to have a mental breakdown at any moment. “What did you say?” she yelled. “How is he now? Why didn’t you call for the doctor?”

“If he wasn’t fine, do you think I’d be sitting here and talking to you? I stopped him. No need to worry,” JingYuan steadily replied.

“Just what happened?” she meekly asked, confusion laced in her words. She’d calmed down, but her legs were still wobbling from that bomb of a news. She stumbled over to the couch and sat down. “Why would he want to…kill himself?”

He turned at looked at her. Slowly, word by word, he said, “You all said he’s grown up, matured. I didn’t quite understand it in the first place, but I get it now after today. When he woke up, he took advantage of my sleep to shatter a wine bottle. With a glass shard, he aimed for his veins. There was real force behind the swing. While I found out in time and held him by the wrist, he was strong enough to pull my arm along to swipe at his neck. Luckily, I used all my strength back then. There’s only a thin shallow wound. Nothing major.”

“XueQing,” he continued. “I nearly had a heart attack from it. My heart stopped beating then.”

She could tell from JingYuan’s face that he was not exaggerating. He almost had a heart attack for sure. In truth, his calm descriptions were enough to make her heart go thumping wildly. Her forehead was covered in sweat. She could imagine just how frightened JingYuan who’d witnessed it all was. She brashly rubbed at her face. “Did you not ask him why he did that?” she asked, shocked.

Translator’s Note:

Here are the chapters! Hopefully everyone’s staying safe in the annual epidemic frenzy.

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