LC: Chapter 51

51. It’s All Sleeping’s Fault…

Disgracefully, XiaoYu fell asleep. There was no helping it. His biological said it was time and it was a very comfortable hug. So, he slowly drifted off to the Sandman’s lullaby.

HereticKing felt a weight sinking into his embrace and looked down. He didn’t know if he should be laughing or crying. This was the third time XiaoYu had just let his guard down and fell asleep right by his side. While there’s no worry about getting kidnapped in the game, this child’s sense of vigilance was way too lacking.

I_Am_A_Poor_Man who led XiaoYu here had long since slipped away. Along the way, he notified everyone that there’ll be no meeting tonight. They can all celebrate as hard as they want. While HereticKing didn’t issue that order, Poor_Man knew his Chief would most likely not attend the meeting at the sight of the two clinging to each other. Just in time for him to sneakily give himself a day off.

HereticKing gestured for the tiny cat to climb onto his shoulder, then he picked the big kitten up in a bridal carry. HereticKing could only give into the fate of finding a resting place for XiaoYu.


A beautiful Sunday morning. The sun was smiling. The birds were chirping…okay. The point is, XiaoYu was finally going to wake up.

What a soft bed. It really made him want to laze around a bit longer. XiaoYu snuggled against his pillow. While his mind’s awake, his eyes don’t want to open. The freshly-awakened fuzzy brain was still pondering on where such a comfortable bed belonged to. He must report it to Big Brother Poor. But he just couldn’t recall which hotel he went to last night…

Right. He headed over to Sakura-3 to meet up with HereticKing. Then…then…no “then”s! Where is he now?

XiaoYu’s mind leapt. His eyes flash open. But he didn’t think he’d find someone lying beside him when he did so.

“Aah!” XiaoYu was frightened. He hurriedly sat up and shuffled to the edge of the bed.

“Mrrow!” “Ah!” “Bang!” “Ouch…!”

A serious of crashes and clangs rang out. Even a dead pig would be woken up. HereticKing’s eyes, framed by his furrowed brows, opened just in time to see a leisurely floating -1 hovering above the edge of the bed.

This was the Presidential Suite of Prole’s 7-star hotel. It was the safest of the safest. Why were there any signs of injury?

HereticKing swiftly sat up, tore the blanket away and peered at the scene of the crime. Everything would still be normal if he hadn’t looked. The mere sight banished all the bad mood he had from being woken up. “Hahaha…”

When XiaoYu retreated to the edge of the bed just now, he didn’t realise the small cat had been sleeping behind him. He accidentally pushed the little one off the bed and, because he moved so abruptly, he himself hung over thin air and fell off the bed. Thus, what HereticKing was were two cats, one big and one small, sprawled out on the floor. Upset colouring their faces.

“How can you both fall out of the bed at the same time just by sleeping?” HereticKing was rendered speechless at how synchronised the two kittens were.

“It hurts…” XiaoYu rubbed his palm at where he’d hit the floor, picking the tiny cat up and helping it soothe its bruises too. “Yao, why are you in my bed?”

“I was exhausted by the time I carried you here last night. So I laid down to sleep too. The bed’s big enough anyway,” said HereticKing in an assured tone. They slept in the same tent together before, didn’t they?

He’d thought it’d be a good way to reward XiaoYu’s har work. So, he splurged to book the most comfortable and luxurious suite in the city for him to rest in. In the end, the whole struggle to get XiaoYu to the extra-king size bed didn’t even disturb the sound asleep cat. His head even cuddled and snuggled in as if he was trying to find a comfortable position. More infuriatingly, the small kitten was also sleeping comfortably curled against his shoulders. Its tiny head even rubbed itself into his collarbone.

HereticKing plucked the little cat, which had turned into a floppy pile of fluff, and stuffed it by XiaoYu’s side. Then, he tenderly covered them with the blanket. A wave of fatigue unfurled within him. They fought a tough battle today. While it was very risky, his luck seemed to have gotten better by quite a bit ever since these two lucky cats started standing by his side.

Looking at the large empty spot on the other side of XiaoYu, HereticKing decided he’ll just sleep in the game tonight. He wasn’t so extravagant as to sleep in the top suite every day.

Who knew an impulsive action would stop XiaoYu from completely savouring the comfort of the bed and let him experience the taste of kissing the carpet?

“Oh…” XiaoYu scratched his head. He did recall sleeping in the same tent in the desert. Why’s he making such a big fuss now?

“Get up.” HereticKing held up a hand, wanting to pull XiaoYu up.

“Ouch…” Pain struck XiaoYu’s waist as he was about to stand up. Then, a series of -1 began appearing above his head.

“System notification: As you have overstrained your muscles, your health will decrease by 1 every second for 100 seconds.”

Okay. He even pulled a muscle on his waist.

“What is it?” HereticKing wondered why there was a never-ending series of -1 hovering above XiaoYu.

“I pulled my back…” XiaoYu whispered. How embarrassing.

“Hehe. Lie down. I’ll massage it out.”

“It’s fine. It’ll heal itself in 100 seconds.”

“If you don’t lie down, the game might think your back is still strained 100 seconds later.”

At that, XiaoYu obediently sprawled out on the bed and stopped moving. He didn’t want to keep losing health.

HereticKing put his hands on XiaoYu’s waist and started pushing and massaging. The tiny cat hopped onto the bed as well. It tilted its head. What’s Uncle doing? Is there someone on its owner’s body? Thus, the small cat reached a sneaky little paw to poke XiaoYu’s waist. And another poke.

XiaoYu can’t see it, but HereticKing could. Amazing. So not only does this kitten love imitating the big cat, it’d mimic anything it thought interesting.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore. Thanks.” 100 seconds pass by quick. When XiaoYu saw that he’d lost the “strained muscle” debuff, XiaoYu tentatively sat up and stretched. His body felt all fine now.

“What did you dream about last night? You actually fell off such a large bed over this.” A beautiful day starts from teasing the cat.

HereticKing remembered placing XiaoYu in the middle of the bed last night, yet the other actually rolled off the bed. That’s so unbelievable.

“No…I got a shock when I saw you sleeping beside me.”

“What’re you afraid of? I’m not going to eat you.” He couldn’t even if he wanted to. Only married couples in the game would do the hush-hush things. If any pervert tried to touch someone else’s sensitive parts, the game would notify the one being touched. If the other player selected the option to state they’re being sexually harassed, then the game overlord would strike the pervert down with lightning to make them feel how it felt to be zapped.

“Hehe. I’m just not that used to it.” XiaoYu ruffled the back of his head in embarrassment.

“I’m rather grateful I woke up first in the desert then, or else I might be the first player to be killed by a tent.” XiaoYu could fall of such a large king-sized bed. There wasn’t much room in that small tent for XiaoYu to retreat to. A sudden jerk might’ve collapsed the tent they worked so hard to set up.

>/////<. The older the ginger, the spicier it is. XiaoYu’s face turned into a tomato once more from the teasing. However, it took him longer to give in to the urge this time. That’s worth praising.

Translator’s Note:

Sandman: The “deity” used here is Zhou Gong, the Duke of Zhou. Use of the Duke to mean to sleep developed in several stages.

First, Confucius once said/wrote: “I’m too old to even visit the Duke of Zhou in my dreams now!”. The Duke was a very capable official and “regent”. Confucius used the inability to dream of a famed official to state how incapable he’d turned in his old age that he wasn’t able to seek advice from the Duke anymore. This then put visiting the Duke in your dreams a phrase for ambition/knowledge-seeking.

Some say this phrase turned straight into going to sleep when a teacher, who always fell asleep in class but forbidding any of their students to be the slightest sleepy, used “visiting the Duke” as an excuse for their sleepy tendencies. The next day, the students mimicked their teacher and said they were allowed to sleep because they were visiting the Duke too. Thus, the phrase has turned into a slight joke-y tone which meant going to sleep/nap instead of representing ambition or love for knowledge.

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