GC: Chapter 46

46. He Likes Me

JingYuan had never thought his little prince would be that…passionate. One after another, YiHan’s cries melted his heart into sweet syrup. The little one cried his name over and over during then. What did that mean? There’s only one answer. YiHan liked JingYuan.

At that thought, laughter nearly burst from JingYuan’s lips. But now that he thought back to the past, were all that fuss and temper tantrum before due to YiHan realising his feelings for JingYuan? Was he unable to look at JingYuan in the face because he couldn’t accept the change in sexuality?

No wonder YiHan broke up with that girlfriend so soon after getting together. When JingYuan recalled that meek girl, jealousy rose in his heart. However, he could finally relax. Hmph. He no longer had to hide his envy of that girl. The one his little one liked was him!

The day JingYuan and XueQing announced their engagement, the boy was in such a bad mood that he wouldn’t even hold eye contact with JingYuan. Afterwards, YiHan kept avoiding him. Was it because he was…jealous? How can he be so cute?

It was all his fault. Everything was going okay. Why did he agree to XueQing’s rotten idea? It made the little one upset. Imagine. The little one just understood his feelings. Before he could gather his courage and face them straight on, he was told the one he liked would soon be his brother-in-law. How heartbroken he must have been.

JingYuan’s arms around YiHan tightened. His heart ached. Upon consideration, he had been a great, big, bloody bastard!

Fortunately, with tonight’s incident, he was able to understand this shy little one’s feelings in time. A great crisis was averted.

JingYuan kissed YiHan’s forehead once more and gently stroked his soft hair. Everyone said that those with soft hair had soft hearts. They were right. Don’t be fooled by his slashing claws. Frankly, all that was because they spoiled him rotten. He was truly a softie inside. See. When faced with the engagement between JingYuan and XueQing, YiHan didn’t throw a tantrum. He just hid himself away to stew in his sadness. What a heart wrenching sight.

Ah, the little one’s grown up. But he’d much prefer YiHan was still the way he was before. Shout and throw a tantrum with all his might whenever he’s upset. Vent out all his frustrations. Then, YiHan would feel much better.

Now though, he’d force himself to smile and comfort his family while he’s in a bad mood. The one he liked was going to be his brother-in-law. He accepted it in silence. It really made JingYuan’s heart shake with pain.

YiHan’s obedient and mature ways really made one’s heart throb in pain, JingYuan thought. He would rather the little one remained immature so he could spoil YiHan forever.

Was he part of why YiHan changed? It was all his fault. He was too careless. He didn’t realise the other’s deepest thoughts in time. Still, it’s too late to think about all that. He’ll just dote on him even more from now on in hopes of turning YiHan back to his carefree ways.

The brows of the boy in JingYuan’s arms smoothed back in comfort. There was a tiny bit of excited flush remaining on his fair face. His lips were plump and ripe. The few parts of YiHan’s neck and shoulder which could be seen peeping from beneath the blanket were littered with red bruise marks. The sight made JingYuan’s blood rush about and his lower body began to rise once more.

JingYuan let out a bitter chuckle. There he is, suffering and too afraid to touch YiHan again while YiHan was snoring away. His little one was exhausted, and this was his first time. How could he bear to wake YiHan up?

He shut his eyes. He can’t look anymore.

However, the moment JingYuan closed his eyes, the image of the intense incident from just now drifted before his eyes. The passionate gaze of his little one. The slightly agape lips. The body which shivered with his thrusts. The mouth which kept calling his name…

No! Stop thinking, JingYuan. Just when did you turn into a pervert who only thought about debauchery all the time?

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    1. Me too.

      Será porque, quiere malcriarlo, porque se aprovechó de la borrachera, porque en la otra y en esta línea de tiempo fue un idiota que se dejó manipular por la hermana para ser el “cuñado”, porque en la otra línea de tiempo no investigó y no le creyó, porque es un ególatra… ahhh suficientes razones para hacerlo


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