GC: Chapter 45

45. Saviour

Click. Darkness.

Once it was over, JingYuan carried YiHan into the bathroom for a thorough washing, changed the bedsheets, carried YiHan back to bed, went for a shower himself and cleaned the bathroom. Once he was done tidying, the sky to the east was already a pale white.

JingYuan was still very much wide awake. He carefully crawled into bed and laid down next to YiHan. He gently pulled YiHan into his arms and let out a satisfied sigh.

He couldn’t bear falling asleep. He just stared down at YiHan’s sleeping form with a tender gaze.

YiHan was dead asleep.

JingYuan lovingly tapped the tip of YiHan’s nose. This little one was so loud. If it wasn’t because he’s always been a child who woke up easily to noises and had a bad temper when he did, the Bai parents wouldn’t have specifically reinforced the soundproofing of this room. Then, the racket that was in this room would’ve shocked the Bai family.

Traces of joy hung on JingYuan’s face. His lips kissed YiHan’s forehead. This day had been more thrilling than a roller coaster ride. His little one fished him out of his suffering with his own two hands, then placed him on the sweetest clouds at the top of the world. YiHan was his saviour.

Translator’s Note:

Click. Darkness: A joke for self-censorship by the author due to China’s censorship laws on homosexual smut, even though it’s not illegal over there.

Next week is the Lucky Cat’s turn.

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22 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 45

  1. If very nice and everything, but he forgets that he got engaged to the sister ヾ(*`ェ´*)ノ (although I really do not feel bad for the sister who tries to rob JY and above all it is not as if he will need it already has someone, who cares about she as much as JY by Han Han)

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^


  2. My first thought: Did I jump a chapter?
    But hmm, nope x’D

    Not sure yet what to think about all that. Well, let’s wait for HanHan to wake up, realize it wasn’t a dream and see what he will do next x’D

    The parents do know of the engagement between JY and the sister, right? (Don’t remember anymore.) If yes, hahaha… I bet that will be awkward later >D

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Damn censoring and omg that happened quickly… How is JingYuan going to explain this to Hanhan’s sister 🤣 So the marriage is off – why? Well sorry but while you trusted me to look after your brother I ended up kissing him but after he panicked he kissed me back and then we had fun? (;ŏ﹏ŏ) Σ(ಠ_ಠ) Thank you for the masses of releases ♡(> ਊ <)♡


  4. Well thank you for the translation but I am better off to read the Raws from now on, I hate it the most when translator sama is skipping the smutty💢


      1. I have just realised not everyone got this joke the writer put in. Thanks for alerting me to it! (And that some translators have actually censored text before) There’s now a note on the joke made.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. If it was uncensored when you read it back then, the author had probably edited it out as censorship laws had gotten stricter (twice to my knowledge in the 2010s).


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