GC: Chapter 33

33. Feng Qun Turns to the Dark Side

Just as the two men stopped XueQing from hitting Feng Qun in public, Ma Bai also began to walk over. “XueQing, let go now. That boy’s touched our precious baby. Do you really think he wouldn’t be taught a lesson? Your brother’s right. You’re a lady. He’s not worth looking unladylike for.”

XueQing turned and looked at her mother, then at Bai YiHan, who was still quivering in Mu JingYuan’s tight embrace, and finally at her solemn father with his face filled with dark fury. Finally, she unwillingly loosened her grip on Feng Qun.

The moment TianYang saw her loosen her grip, he quickly took out a delicate embroidered handkerchief from his pockets and handed it to her. “Come. Wipe your hands,” he said in a soft voice.

XueQing glanced at him and accepted the handkerchief offered. When TianYang witnessed XueQing actually using something he owned, his face shone with happiness.

The hand hanging down by Feng Qun’s side clenched into a tight fist. His nails digging deep into his palm. Just what’s this now? This whole debacle was clearly not related to him at all. That fool went into hysterics all on his own. So why was everyone looking at him like that? Just what was he in their eyes? A cockroach? Something that would dirty their hands at a mere touch?

The Feng family couldn’t compete with these high-class beings. Sure. In this hall, the Feng family certainly wasn’t a family worth mentioning. However, he himself was a son of a rich and noble family too. The kind that everyone had to put on a smile for, especially after he successfully sucked up to that fool from the Bai family. His status in society had risen dramatically. Feng Qun thought that he could be considered one of the elites in this city. But he didn’t know that a mere shriek from that fool would strike him all the way down to hell. He’d be viewed as if he was a filthy stink bug by these people. He’d be forced into a precarious situation, as if he was standing on needles. He didn’t even have the courage to walk away now!

Even his father, the man who usually acted so high and mighty before Qun, just stood there in the crowd, grovelling and smiling along at the Bai family. There was not a single hint he’d step in and help his son out.

Why? Just why? What right do these people have to humiliate him so? Bai YiHan! Just you wait. Once I turn over a new leaf and rise in power, I will strike you down to hell and make you live a life that’s worse than death!

Feng Qun hung his head. To an outsider, it seemed as if he was admitting fault. In reality, it was so he could hide that venomous gaze gleaming out at YiHan.

Just then, the old Mr Yan, supported by Yan Cheng, had finally arrived. They’d hurried over as soon as they heard the commotion. As the host and the birthday star, a commotion in his party would naturally be a humiliation to the old Mr Yan. His good mood had vanished. “What’s going on?” he asked with a glum face.

“Apologies for disturbing you, Mr Yan. It’s nothing much, only my youngest son. He’s very timid. We don’t know why but he was somehow frightened by that Feng Qun. We sincerely apologise for disrupting your birthday party,” Bai FuRen replied in a soothing tone.

The old Mr Yan knew of Bai YiHan. The precious baby the entire Bai family protected and treasured somewhat illogically. It’s only through rumours though. Rumours said that this child was spoilt rotten by his family. Today was the first time the old Mr Yan really met Bai YiHan. To his surprise, YiHan was actually a good, obedient child. The boy even wished him happy birthday with a tongue as sweet as candy.

The old Mr Yan thought then that such a delicate and sweet child was sure to tug anyone’s heartstrings. No wonder the Bai family treasured him that much. He thought back at the loud and unruly children of his. If this was his grandson, he thought, he would surely spoil him to the ends of heaven and earth.

It’s only been a short time since they met. Just how and why was YiHan frightened out of his wits? True. This child certainly didn’t look like a courageous boy, but who could bear frightening such a cute child?

The old Mr Yan exchanged a few polite words with FuRen. As he did so, his eyes drifted over to YiHan. The child who’d smiled so sweetly at him with two dimples, was now hunkered down in the Mu family son’s embrace, quivering like a quail. His elderly heart ached at the sight.

Translator’s Note:

1. Turns to Dark Side: aka “blackening”. While that’s a common term among translated Chinese novels, it’s not used as a verb here so I thought I’d turn it into a little reference.

2. Quivering like a quail: Just like how English like to use chicken as the mascot for coward, quails are often viewed as cowards who shiver all the time (because they fluff their feathers a lot for heat). Chicken = smallest common bird = quail.

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      1. I think it was because YiHan used to hit him a lot even until his head bled once I think. It’s mentioned in one of the previous chapters.


  1. ಥ╭╮ಥ the little quail boy! So cute, sweet and fluffy he is attracting defenders left and right ( T_T)\(^-^ ) Thank you for the chapter ❤️


  2. Thank you for the chapter shibb!!! Excellent trans as always.
    I’ve mtl the stories but my brain hurts reading it so i gave up and decided to just wait for ur trans from now on ;-;


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