GC: Chapter 32

32. Don’t Dirty Your Hands

JingYuan’s heart felt like it was bleeding. His eyes were bloodshot. If he didn’t need to calm down the boy in his arms, he might’ve just charged in and beaten Feng Qun up until all that’s left were blood smears and bones.

Soon, the Bai family rushed to the scene. XueQing instantly noticed the horrible state her little brother was in. There was no way she could keep calm. She strode straight for Feng Qun and grasped him by the neck. It’s as if she wanted to strangle him to death right then and there. Her red lips parted. A chilly voice asked, “Feng Qun? I remember you. You’re always tagging along my little brother. Always following him around. Explain to me right now. Just what did you do to him? Our whole family was wondering why he’d suddenly changed. It seems like you’re the one to blame! How dare you!”

Feng Qun was well and truly frozen with fear. That terrifying gaze from Mu JingYuan which seemed like it wanted to gobble him whole. Bai XueQing’s tight strangle on his neck which threatened to kill him off at once. The gloomy expressions on the Bai parents and Bai Yan. The looks everyone else in the room was shooting at him, disagreeing, mocking, gossiping, condemning. They made his mind crawl frantically at the walls. He had a feeling that if he didn’t give a proper and thorough explanation today, he might be sent out of the room on his back.

But he didn’t know what was going on either. How could he? He really felt as if he was wronged more than Dou E from The Injustice to Dou E was. Who knew just why that oblivious, pampered fool would suddenly go crazy? He was shocked too, okay?

Everything was going alright in the first place. He coaxed and sucked up to that fool. That meant he was sort of in the same boat as the great Bai family. He didn’t know just what went wrong with that fool. All of a sudden, that fool stopped contacting him and his friends. He called and he called but no one answered. He wrecked his brains but couldn’t recall just what did he do to offend this precious baby. He was frustrated and irritated, then he bumped into the fool at this birthday party. He was going to schmooze and sweet-talk the other. Coax that idiot into talking to him again. How could he have imagined he’d start hyperventilating like a crazed man?

Feng Qun wasn’t of XueQing strangling him. No matter how much she trained, she’s still just a girl. The moment he wanted to, he could just flip her over his shoulder. But how could he? He didn’t even dare to twitch! Who’s this? This is the great Miss of the Bai family! If he dared so much as to touch a single hair on her, not only will the Bai family knock all his teeth out, her suitors will too!

The Bai family is a proud and noble family. Anyone who dared to be Bai XueQing’s suitor wouldn’t be some average joe! Without some family backing and capability, who’d dare to desire this tyrannical blossom?

Bai Yan walked forward and grasped his sister’s wrist. “XueQing, let go first. He’s not worth debasing yourself in front of everyone. If you want to get rid of him, why not just hand him to me?” he said in a low tone.

XueQing was not happy with that. Those beautiful and glamoured up eyes glared straight back at Yan. “Look at how badly he’s frightened our little brother. You want me to let go? I hate him so much I want to just strangle him right here and now!” she shot through clenched teeth.

Just as XueQing said so, a slim and tall man rushed out from the crowd. Handsome and polished in a charcoal grey suit which emphasised his broad shoulders and long legs. His ever-confident face brushed with a tinge of worry. He hurriedly walked over to XueQing. In a soft, soothing voice, he said to her, “XueQing, calm down. Anger’s bad for the body. He’s not worth it. No matter what happened, he frightened the Bai Little Master. I will help him seek justice. Let go for now. Don’t dirty your hands.”

How could Feng Qun not recognise this man? This man, who looked so gentle and refined but whose words were so out of topic he might as well be in another room, was the young master of the Chen family, Chen TianYang. The Chen family was a noble family that could stand side-by-side with the Bai and the Mu families. This Chen TianYang was also one of the best of his generation. However, he loved Bai XueQing with his entire being. That meant if Bai XueQing said the sun was square, he’d be the guy who compliments just how nice the sun looked as a square.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. The Injustice to Dou E: Chinese play from Yuan Dynasty (around 1270 to 1360 when Kublai Khan ruled and before the Ming dynasty). Child bride/Widow who was wrongly convicted and executed because of crimes a rejected suitor committed (murdering the rejected suitor’s father by poison).

    The basics of the story is guy gets rejected -> tries to poison girl’s mother-in-law so the girl is left without any “guardians” -> ends up killing his father instead by sheer bad luck -> frames girl for murdering father -> corrupted official tortures girl to get confession because what is using actual brains and power and “ooh, money!” -> girl gets executed, does a spiel about how she’s innocent and the heavy summer snowstorm + upcoming 3 years of drought + blood sticking to her clothes only will prove it so -> the snowstorm, drought and blood thing all happen -> girls come back as ghost to complain to her father (who sold her off to pay his debts) -> Justice!
  2. Chen TianYang: XueQing’s love interest finally shows up!
    ゚☆* ヾ(≧ ∀ ≦)ノ *☆゚

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  1. Well, it’s nice that XueQing has a love interest. It makes me happy because hopefully there will be less angst with Chen around. He seems sensible. Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Feng Qun who hasn’t done anything (too extreme) yet: “What is going oooon? Hello? Explanation? Those guys are planning to kill me off and I don’t even know why!!!” 〣( ºΔº )〣

    Hahaha, this family lol
    And thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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  3. Yay love interest for Xueqing! I love her she is so go get ’em but do not agree with her marriage plans. I want her to get a happier marriage 🍀 Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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  4. Him loving little bai but getting engaged to his sister is the worst move ever. Plus, sis bai look at the infatuated man next to you. Now, mu can’t even say that his 1st love is little bai. He’s been engaged before, how terrible


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