GC: Chapter 29

29. Grudges From a Past Life

Upon seeing YiHan continued hiding from him, JingYuan’s gaze darkened and turned colder. He said a few congratulatory wishes to the old Mr Yan, coaxing a bright smile and laugh from him, before tactfully rejecting the old Mr Yan’s suggestion of pairing JingYuan up with his granddaughter. Only then did he excuse himself and walked over towards the Bai family.

Bai YiHan’s feet faltered and froze. He can’t run away. He has to get used to it one day, right? Everything in this lifetime was going well. It’s just JingYuan. He doesn’t like you anyway, so what’s there to sigh about? Don’t be so gluttonous. Greedy people will be punished one day. And he’d already experienced this punishment once. He absolutely did not want to go through it all again.

As JingYuan walked over, his eye bore right through him. Panic swelled inside him.

“Father, it’s a little stuffy in here. I’ll head out the balcony for some air,” YiHan smiled to FuRen.

“What is it? Are you sick? Do you need me to call the driver to send you home early?” FuRen replied with a worried look.

“It’s fine, Father. There’s no need. It just feels stuffy,” YiHan said as he forced himself to keep smiling.

“There are so many people in here. The air is a little hot. No wonder HanHan thinks it’s stuffy. Go, then. Get your brother to go with you,” Ma said.

“I’m fine. I can go alone,” YiHan insisted.

As he said so, he rushed away towards the sliding doors.

The tall sliding doors of the great hall were connected to a large balcony encased in glass. The night sky was calm and quiet, giving off a tranquil air. When YiHan arrived at the balcony, someone was already there. When the other heard footsteps coming from the doors, he turned around. The moment he saw it was YiHan, he instantly put on a surprised but happy smile and quickly walked over to greet YiHan.

And the moment YiHan saw the other’s face, he felt as if the world was crumbling around him. He instinctively wanted to turn and run away now!

This person was an infamous playboy in the city. Feng Qun was a second-generation rich kid. During YiHan’s last life, Feng Qun was an existence akin to his follower. After XueQing and JingYuan announced their engagement, YiHan’s temper became even more explosive than usual. He’d frequently get into fights over trivial matters when out of the house. This Feng Qun was a frequent victim of his fury and his head even bled once from YiHan’s punches. At that time, Feng Qun had just nodded and laughed it off. He said it was all okay, but he hated YiHan for it the entire time. Feng Qun would intentionally persuade him to head into unsavoury territories during YiHan’s bad moods. Once JingYuan found out what went on, he beat Feng Qun up and even broke two of his bones. Regretfully, YiHan didn’t realise just what kind of person Feng Qun was then. He just kept rebelling against JingYuan, and even fought with JingYuan over it. That incident caused JingYuan to be even more disappointed in YiHan.

Later on, JingYuan left the country. YiHan nearly had a breakdown. Feng Qun then told him a man must have his own career. Only then, would he not be looked down on. When YiHan heard that nonsense, he decided to start a company to make JingYuan look back at him. He got some money from his family and started up a company with Feng Qun. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the type of person who’s good at business at all. The whole way through, he lost money until the point where he was out of cash. Just when he was about to stop and withdraw, Feng Qun egged him on. He told YiHan to steal information on the Bai Corporations’ latest project and use some of the Bai Corporations’ business secrets for their company. Just like a fool, he believed in Feng Qun’s logic of “just putting what’s in the left pocket in the right pocket” and stole from his family.

Who knew it was all just a lie. A scam. Information on the Bai Corporations was leaked out and then sued for plagiarism. The stock prices fell to the ground and the company suffered major losses. Then, they were accused of crimes like tax evasion and falsifying their account books. Soon after, a few other companies allied themselves and attacked the Bai Corporations. The wall may sway due to rain and wind, but it collapses from the crowd pushing at it. YiHan’s father, brother and sister slaved away for two whole months, but they still had to declare bankruptcy.

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  1. Translator please tell me its gonna turn around soon!? When will they find out they love each other? It better no be just before or after the wedding!! My heart is bleeding.

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  2. Just like upstairs i wanna know too!!! Is this gonna be angsty for long?! If so can i ask which chapter will they sort out this misunderstanding or at least the chapter JY realize the bogus marriage is stupid so i can stockpile and catch up when the TL passed it? Err sorry for bad english 😛

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  3. At least HanHan seems to have learned from his previous disastrous wrongdoing :’D

    Hui~ 100 ch… that will be a ride then xD

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