GC: Chapter 28

28. Birthday Party Meeting

JingYuan nodded once more.

“Alright. I’ll look at the dates and help you choose one. Have you any thoughts on the venue? A hotel?” Ma said.

“Thanks for helping out. No matter how hard we think, we’ll never think of everything,” JingYuan replied.

Ma then remembered JingYuan parents are gone. No one will be helping him with his marriage. At that, her heart ached.

“Okay,” she said, “Count on me. You kids don’t need to worry too much about it.”

The Bai family only let JingYuan leave after he stayed for dinner. YiHan didn’t know he got through the night. His entire being was stiff. He didn’t even remember what he had for dinner. Luckily, everyone was too busy with the happy event to pay attention to how weird he was acting.

Only JingYuan was paying attention to him the whole time. But JingYuan thought it was all because YiHan was angry at him and didn’t want to talk to him. Bitterness swelled in JingYuan.


Three days later, the old Mr Yan of the great property shark of the city, the Yan family, had his 66th birthday celebration. The family head, Yan Cheng, hosted a grand ball at the Yan family manor. As it was a birthday party for the old Mr Yan, everyone who was anyone was invited. The Bai family was also invited. Not only were the parents invited, but Yan, XueQing and their youngest son, YiHan, were invited as well.

YiHan didn’t want to go at first, but a mother knows her son best. Ma’s sharp intuition sensed the sorrow hiding behind her young son’s smile lately. She felt that it must be because of the tense situation going on between him and JingYuan. The last time JingYuan was in their home, she forgot about it due to her daughter’s engagement. This was the perfect chance to let them meet again. Perhaps they can make up? After all, JingYuan’s going to be part of their family soon. Any grudges should be cleared up as soon as possible.

Even if that can’t be done, it could act as trip out for relaxation, right?

So, she did her best to prepare clothes for her youngest son and pushed him out the door.

Upper-class society gatherings are all the same. Ladies in extravagant gowns. Deals over wine and champagne. A genteel mask over everyone’s faces. Polite, respectful, lively and peaceful. The old Mr Yan’s face was red with happiness and smilingly accepted everyone’s blessings.

A crowd of men surround Bai FuRen. As one of the richest men in the city, there were plenty who wish to network with him. Everyone knew that the Bai family treasured their precious youngest son. They praised and flattered YiHan to no ends. All of the Bai family members were beaming so much they glowed like stars in the night.

YiHan stood beside his family with a slight smile on his face. Polite and humble. Upon noticing his understanding appearance, his family was prouder than ever. Even the ever-calm Yan couldn’t help chuckling.

Yan was young and capable. He was the confirmed heir to the Bai family. He had a good body and a good face. The classic golden bachelor. This was already enough to make all the girls’ hearts pound for him. Now, with this constant stream of pheromones being released, from what YiHan could see, the majority of the girls in tiny elegant dresses were already in love with his older brother.

YiHan sighed internally. Girls these days were just as fierce as tigers. However, he didn’t know that all these girls were currently fantasising about him in their hearts: He’s so cute! Just too cute! I really want to wrestle him into my arms and ruffle that hair of his!

Just then, a commotion arose at the doors. YiHan looked up. Ah, JingYuan’s arrived. He was also one of the hottest men in the city. He was on a higher tier than Yan. After all, Bai Yan was just the heir to the Bai family. Mu JingYuan had been the head of the Mu family for years.

JingYuan walked into the hall. He smiled and greeted the crowd before running straight for the old Mr Yan. When he passed by the Bai family, he looked long and hard into YiHan’s eyes. YiHan looked away and hid from JingYuan’s gaze out of reflex.

Translator’s Note:

Glowed like stars: The phrasing used here is “they grinned so much they were like blooming flowers”. There are many interpretations as to how this phrase came about. The common ones are a) it is linked to the idiom “flowers bloomed in frenzy”, which meant one was very happy, and b) a happy smile is like a blooming flower, radiant and eye-catching.

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25 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 28

  1. I’m not sure how long I can keep reading this for. Its making me angry and sad. Both Jingyuan and Yihan are f***ing idiots. Stop being such cowards.

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    1. This is my sentiments too, I really just want to fast forward to the sweetness… it’s hurting my heart too much!

      Thanks for the chapter! 💕

      Liked by 2 people

    2. You have to understand YiHan! His experience, his trauma, his depression. Hello he was beaten to the point where his bone were all twisted and they were showing inside of his flesh. He was fucking gang raped! He freaking died. And you are calling him stupid or idiot or cowards lmao! Things he suffered are just yesterday’s memory for him. You can’t just expect him to be all chirping and jumping around happily and falling into the man’s arms. and that man is also afraid of offending him. His nasty temper with which he’s familiar with. He has no idea that YiHan’s temper has changed or it’s his rebirth You can’t just expect that he will go all ‘bitch you are mine’ mode on YiHan the moment he sees the boy. #Consent_is_the_key Only odd thing is in the plot is that a capable man who is head of a family and a filthy rich business empire agreed on a chilidish deal with the sister of the man he loves! And then there will be many chapters where you think this story is a straight love story LOL!

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      1. A mi lo extraño es que en la otra línea de tiempo, no investigó lo que realmente le pasó a YiHen, simplemente se fue y nunca regresó mientras la familia Bai se desplomó ¿no les parece sospechoso?


      2. Right….

        I even thinking maybe YiHan will be better if he going aboard and leave everything behind until his psychology wound heal 😦

        His mental isn’t stable yet but he still trying to make everyone around him happy with the new him. It’s kinda sad and make my heart really hurt so much….

        I wish he can meet someone who willing to hear about his past story and helping him to heal his wound 😭😭


        1. Victims of such trauma often do that! This story almost touched realistic emotions regarding YiHan’s mental state! Still it’s a fan pleasing BL story at the end and readers mostly care about a happy ending with papapa by any means lol!


          1. Honestly, I’m kind of unwilling to let YiHan telling to JingYuan about his feeling!

            I mean, I think JingYuan so coward? He doesn’t want to tell his real feeling to YiHan but trying to get close to him. He even agree with YiHan’s sister plan. But after the mess, he washing his hand and leave YiHan just like that.

            God… It’s better if YiHan just stay away from him.

            This story kind of remind me with Back to the Apocalypse. The ML r*pe the MC and in the end, he died while protecting the MC from zombies. After reborn, the MC being so obsessive to the ML because he feel very grateful to the ML and I ????? Seriously? You’re really forgive him just like that??

            I hope YiHan doesn’t end up like that because psychology wound is really serious matter.


            1. Hahahah! I won’t say he’s a coward! Too early to “judge” him like that? Him being afraid of triggering old YiHan’s nasty temper is quite realistic! And he is actually that typical self absorbed guy who made up assumption on his own! A mistake that shouldn’t be made in the matters of love but often people do that! Only stupid thing in the plot so far is that he actually agreed upon a dumb deal when he is so smart to handle a biggass family business? Maybe writer wanted to prove that people become fools in love? Really dumb for me though! It could have been a real engagement with the sister and falling in love with her younger brother later! A real angst. Deals are getting old fashioned lol! And I didn’t read that story you mentioned so dunno what is that about! Asian BL stories normally romanticise Stockholm syndrome, emotional sadomasochism, physical and verbal abuse, forced sex and other forms of toxic relationships! I can’t force a fictional character for being obsessed with his abuser to act rational or readers who sigh out of happiness when victim forgives his abuser 😆 But I try to avoid such plot where your abuser becomes your lover!


    3. Jingyuan is the idiot not Yihan,
      You can’t blame him for acting that way after the response he got from Jingyuan in his past life when he confessed.
      As for being coward, Jingyuan is the coward, Yihan is cowering because of because of the trauma caused by the rejection from Jingyuan and other events of his past life.
      So please don’t tongue lash him okay, he’s the pitiful one here.


  2. “Only JingYuan was paying attention to him the whole time. But JingYuan thought it was all because YiHan was angry at him and didn’t want to talk to him. Bitterness swelled in JingYuan.”

    I just want to smash a sign with the word “communication” written on it in their faces…. :’D

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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  3. I just started on this and the angst is killing me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m hoping that Xueqing will lose feelings for Jingyuan, instead of giving him up. Because if she gave him up but still love him, that might put a strain in their sibling relationship..

    I really like this novel. It’s different. Other novels focus on revenge after rebirth etc.. but Yihan here is traumatized from his previous life.. so he’s trying to change his fate. He’s not even thinking of revenge. I haven’t read a BL novel with this much angst in a LONG time. I love it!! Keep up with the great translations! They’re much appreciated! ❤️

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    1. I don’t feel that she has so many feelings for him, it seems to me that it’s more like a goal that was set or a standard that I wanted to achieve, maybe it’s just me

      Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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  4. How YiHan feels and how I feel because of the fucking asshole “ML” do you fucking know what he went thru ah ah ah !!!! I am going to let you suffer all that Yihan Suffered You BASTARD COWARDLY BASTARD KAO!!! NIMA AHHH WANT TO VOMMIT BLOOD THEN SMASH IT ALL OVER YOUR DISGUSTING MOUTH THAT SPEWS BULLSHIT AHHH YOUR FAMILY MUST BE AS MUCH OF A FUCK ASS BITCH AS YOH OH WAIT I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE THEY DEAD HAHA FUCK!!!


  5. ¿Por qué sigo pensando que hay una mano que manejó toda la caída de la familia Bai, aprovechándose de la idiotez de nuestro MC en la otra línea de tiempo?
    Y mi estimado ML… en serio, qué decisión más estúpida has tomado, te imaginas que tu amado se case con otra persona, ¿podrías soportarlo?, o esperen… ni si quiera le importó que lo violaran en grupo en la vida pasada.


  6. ‘YiHan didn’t know he got through the night. His entire being was stiff. He didn’t even remember what he had for dinner.’ oh poor boy ╯﹏╰ wuwuwu my heart ached for him 💔

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