GC: Chapter 26

26. Bet On A Chance

“There’s no point betting on such a thing. It won’t happen. If HanHan knew about this, he’ll never forgive me,” JingYuan said.

“Then don’t let him know. Even if he did, it’s my decision. You can’t be blamed for it. I’m a very stubborn person. I won’t turn back unless I hit a wall. I won’t give up until the very last step,” XueQing said.

“Let me think on it,” JingYuan replied as he rubbed at his aching forehead.

She reached out and grasped his wrist. “No need to think anymore. This is the best solution, is it not? If I regret it later, we can just divorce. I’m using marriage to bet on a chance you’ll love me. You can use that identity to protect your boy. We both get what we want. Everyone’s happy. Right?” she asked.

JingYuan opened his mouth, wanting to reply, but she interrupted. “I am an adult. I know what I’m doing. I won’t let myself regret anything in my life. I’m not drunk. I’m sober right now. I will be responsible for my own actions,” she said.

“Wasting your youth for a marriage in name only. Do you really think that’s the best for yourself?” he asked.

“I said, I’m just betting on a chance,” she replied.

“And I also said that’s not possible,” JingYuan said.

“How do you know it’s not possible before trying it out?” XueQing replied.

“I’ll consider it,” he said, resting his head on his hand.

She didn’t push him anymore. As she stood up, she pulled him along by the arm. “Okay. You think. I’ll send you home,” she said.

“You drank too. How could you drive me back? You walk home. I’ll find someone to drive me later.” JingYuan didn’t know if he should be laughing or be sad at the notion of a drunk person driving another drunk person.

“You ask around now. We’ll go together,” XueQing said.

Helpless, all he could do was dig out his phone. As he started dialling, he asked, “I’m a big man. Are you worried for my safety?”

“With the way you look, how could you be safe?” she replied with twitching lips.

JingYuan called his secretary Chen Hong, reported the address of the bar, hung up, and waved his phone at XueQing. This will do, right?

Only then did she nod and sit back down to wait with him.

As expected of a top-tier secretary with his high pay, Chen Hong soon arrived. He settled the bill, helped both JingYuan and XueQing get into the car, and sent them home.

Bai YiHan was standing before a window, staring at the gates. A car drove up and stopped before it. It was JingYuan’s car. JingYuan’s secretary, Chen Hong, came out of the car and supported XueQing as she did so too. She turned back and waved at the car before walking towards the house. Chen Hong stood and watched her. He only went back into the car and drive off once XueQing was inside the house.

YiHan’s lips were pinched tight. His fingers clenched so hard on the window sill that his fingertips turned white. Even if he knew they were a couple beforehand, witnessing it with his own eyes still made him hurt so badly that he couldn’t breathe.

He turned his back to the view outside and leaned against the wall. He closed his eyes. In his heart, he repeated to himself. This was how things should be. JingYuan’s happy. His sister’s happy too. He’s the one thing that shouldn’t exist the most. He’s the homewrecker. So, suck up that vile ugly face of yours. Don’t spoil things for them anymore.

But when will it all end?

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17 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 26

  1. i respect the tenacity of hanhan sister,butttt,,maannn isnt she annoyingly persistent!!!please lordddd clean this up!!my heart aching for hanhan😢😢😢

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    1. For me she is not stubborn, she is annoying, not even once considered probing Han Han to see if Jin Yan had a chance and is only looking for her 😠😠

      Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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      1. I am annoyed with both of them. Ugh like they all assume he’s straight from one relationship. My brother had three straight relationships before he realized he’s gay. Like come on.

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  2. This sister said she’s an adult but her attitude like spoiled brat who wanted toy , if she behave like an adult she will consider HH feeling and also JH feeling and not pushed him to accept her , that super duper annoyed !!! 😈😈😈

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  3. Es una apuesta inútil y los resultados son obvios, no nacerá el amor y nadie será feliz. El amor puede cultivarse, pero ver a tu amor todo el tiempo… así no funciona.

    Ahora en más, él entró en una etapa rebelde pero ¿por qué lo sometieron a violación y fue publicado?, además la familia se fue a la ruina, no creo que todo sea por las acciones de él, más bien siento que fue usado como chivo expiatorio de alguien más, ¿pero quién?, además el MC se fue decepcionado, no investigó lo que pasó con él y además muere tan miserablemente… algo aquí no encaja en un hombre que decía estar tan enamorado de ese chico malcriado, ¿pero qué es?

    Muchas gracias.

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  4. That sister is really!!! Hey you girl!! You know that he doesnt love you and you still so annoyyingly propose a marriage with some reason kind a bulshit benefit!! Ugh…

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  5. But then why did he reject bai yihan so badly before?

    I know yihan words were careless that it sounds like making light of jingyuan feelings. But if JY realy love Yihan that much wouldn’t he cool down after a few days and realize the real meaning.

    I kinda want yihan to find someone new instead….brother yan should have a lot better men in stock lol

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  6. Aigo, more misunderstandings and an adult sister with the brain of a five year old lololol
    Bring me the drama~ xD

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

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  7. Thank you for the chapter😍
    Next chapter, please 😌
    You’ve work hard for this, thank you author/translator😉


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    Ty for the chapter ✨✨👌


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