GC: Chapter 25

25. Only Him. I Love Him

Bai XueQing’s eyes went wide. She grew up beside Mu JingYuan. She had a rough understanding of JingYuan’s social circles. Before this chat, she could never have thought someone like this existed. But after his little vent, why did it sound so much like…like her little brother? But YiHan’s a boy!

She took a big gulp of alcohol to ease the shock. After a pause, she asked, “The one you’re talking about…”

JingYuan had already voiced out his thoughts. Since the glass walls separating the world from his secret were already cracked, why not just smash it to smithereens? He squinted his eyes and replied, “You’ve already guessed who it is, haven’t you?”

XueQing’s eyes widened even further. “But Lil Bro, he’s…he’s…”

“A guy. Yes, I know,” he said with another huge gulp of liquor.

“You know yet you still…You’re gay?” XueQing asked with a frown.

“No. I only like HanHan. Only him. I love him,” JingYuan frowned back.

“Does he know your feelings?” she asked.

“If he knew, the world would’ve ended long ago from his tantrums. He would’ve chased me far away. He’s not someone who’d hesitate just for my reputation,” JingYuan replied with a bitter smile.

XueQing closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “JingYuan, HanHan had a girlfriend before. Thus, he likes girls. This isn’t an easy path. If you really love him, you shouldn’t drag him under the water,” she said.

JingYuan rested his forehand on his hands and kept silent. After a long pause, when XueQing thought he didn’t plan on speaking again, he spoke in a tone that spoke of pain and suffering. “I know. I thought about that too. If he…As long as there’s hope, no matter how small, I won’t give up. But reality now shows he likes girls. I won’t…I won’t hurt him. Don’t worry. I’m just thinking. I want to stay by his side. Even if it’s just as a family friend, I want to watch over him, protect him. As long as he’s willing to stay close to me and not hate me. It’s enough. But for some unknown reason, he’s angry at me. He won’t even see me.”

XueQing lifted the liquor bottle from the table and took a deep swig. Her body slouched back against the couch. The two went silent. Then, she suddenly spoke up. “If you just want to be his family, then I have a plan.”

He opened his eyes and looked at her. “What plan?” he asked.

“Marry me,” she replied with fire in her eyes.

“Are you mad?” he yelped in shock.

“I’m not,” she said, “Marry me and you’ll be his brother-in-law. Then you can protect him for his entire life without any problems.”

“You should know that this involves biggest event of a human’s life. Not only mine, but yours too. How can you fool around with that? No matter how much I want to stay close to HanHan, I won’t have it cost you your life’s happiness,” he solemnly replied.

XueQing’s eyes bore down into JingYuan. “JingYuan, I like you. You must’ve sensed it, because you’ve been avoiding me lately. Isn’t that so? I’m that kind of person. If I like something, I’ll do my very best to fight for it. You want to protect HanHan. I want you. Our marriage will give us both what we want. Yes?” she said despondently.

“XueQing, you must understand. Your liking is just vague positive feelings for me. You are the daughter of the Bai family. You can have anyone you want. You know who my heart belongs to now. If you marry me, you’ll never be happy,” he said.

“Who knows what’ll happen in the future? We’re still young. A lifetime is a long time. Living together day after day. How do you know you will never be moved by me? If I can wait for that day, I would’ve succeeded. If that day doesn’t come or if I end up liking someone else, we’ll break up in good terms. We’ll still be friends. You would’ve stayed by HanHan’s side as family for far longer. There’d be nothing wrong for you to continue staying by his side then, right?” XueQing said.

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21 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 25

  1. ….
    They’re both so…. stupid? What’s the word,hmm… naive, perhaps.
    (Because they aren’t thinking about YiHan feelings carefully, but making assumptions)
    They probably made the same decision in their last lives.😩

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. This makes me wonder about the Hanhan’s last life. If they made the same decision was it Hanhan’s bad behavior (caused by his jealousy) make Jingyuan dislike Hanhan? Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. ( -᷄ω-᷅ )💭 I hate when they make assumptions instead of using the direct route, that is the cause of most problems …. well, I’m not going to get angry because without that we would have no history

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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  4. omg… Honestly I think big sis could have done something else but I also don’t entirely criticize her decision? It just seems a little selfish and naïve, but she does have good intentions.

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  5. ¡Eh!, bueno esto fue el origen del mal final, pero aún así luego de que él fue llevado a ese oscuro lugar… lo dejaste morir solo, aunque él creció… porque era un malcriado… (culpa de su familia), generó todo ese daño.

    Y… sí tomas esta decisión en esta vida… será igual de doloroso…

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  6. Woooh~ nice move, eh big sis?
    How about asking the person in question first before making wild decisions?
    The drama is incoming, eh? :’D
    Me too want to know if it went like that in the former timeline and just why did MJY leave at the end? Hope we will find out one day.

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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  7. Um… What the heck big sis?!?!??! Seriously, it was because of you everyone had a bad ending?? Why are both big sis and ML so naive???

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  8. Thanks for the chapter!

    It seems to me that she just used his brother as an excuse to get MJY. I think that this wouldn’t really have a good ending.

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  9. Sister, I do appreciate your dedication but uh…I feel like i just read a shoujo, haha

    Thanks for the chapter🍀!


  10. Sigh. Why are people blaming the sister and the ML for rational decisions? You want the ML to experience the pain of being rebuffed like the MC did in his previous life? I thought you all agreed that HanHan experiencing rejection was painful (at least before we knew the ML returned his feelings)? After all that’s the only reason I can think of as to why people were so mad at the ML for rejecting HanHan at that particular point in time. And given that the ML hasn’t seen the MC yet he only has secondhand accounts of his change in behavior. And given how the MC has been acting towards him up until now it should be more, not less, expected for the MC to reject him more brutally. I guess I’m just one who has never seen things through rose colored glasses which is why, I realize now, I like Shoujo. Misunderstandings abound, just. Like. In. Real. Life. Bbbs


    1. We know the sister loves her brother and that she loves the ML so it’s very rational for her to want to protect both of them.


  11. big sis, it hasn’t even been 1 hour since you last told jingyuan to let go if you can’t have it but now you are doing…..whatever tf this is because you can’t let jingyuan go /shakes head


  12. That plan is so stupid, and they’re just assuming that he’s into girls. If he did like girls just because of that one time doesn’t that mean that the ML likes girls because he’s marrying one? Their logic is extremely flawed. And it’s kind of selfish of the sister to propose marriage. Because she has feelings for him. They don’t know about HanHans feelings. That’s just so- DUMB! They think like unicellular organisms!!


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