GC: Chapter 21

21. Changed Through Time

“Aunt, you said he matured because he was frightened by a nightmare. Did you ask him what kind of nightmare it was?” said Mu JingYuan.

“I did. He wasn’t willing to tell me at first. It’s only when I backed him into a corner did he tell me. That silly boy. He said he dreamed about our family going bankrupt. Our entire household was as poor as dirt, huddling together in a tiny apartment. He himself was also beaten up by people he offended in the past. He was scared silly. He still is a child. How could the Bai family fall so easily? That being said, even if we did, you’re here. How could you let him get beaten up?” said Ma with a hand covering her grinning mouth.

JingYuan tensed up. “Did you ask him who beat him up in his dreams?” he asked.

Ma laughed. “I told you he’s a silly child. Are you infected by him? It’s just a dream. It can’t be you want to beat that other person up over a dream, right?” she said.

“No, Aunt. Everyone says what one thinks about in the day, one will dream of at night. He dreamed about people beating him up after the family goes bankrupt. That must mean he subconsciously know that if he falls from grace, that person will show their true colours. If it’s someone who’s got a grudge against HanHan, that person is a hidden threat. It’s best to resolve it early. Otherwise, they might harm HanHan again someday when our hands are full.” JingYuan said.

Ma’s face darkened as well. “Now that you mention it, I get what you mean. I’ll ask him again later,” she said. After some thought, she smiled again. “Speaking of which, even I as his mother don’t take as great care of him as you do. HanHan really is lucky to have a friend like you. It’s a pity that brat doesn’t understand how fortunate he is. He’s always throwing temper tantrums because he knows you’ll spoil him!”

JingYuan gave a helpless smile. “You overexaggerate. As long as our precious baby can calm down, what’s wrong with spoiling him? Only, I still don’t know how I made him angry this time.”

“He’s got an explosive temper. He knows you’ll still dote on him, so he’ll just blow up at you. I’ll ask him again later. Don’t you worry,” said Ma.

“Thanks for your concern,” JingYuan thanked with a nod.

“What are you so polite for? I watched you grow up too. You’re always so mature and solemn. I can’t criticise the way you treat HanHan at all. If there’s any issues between the two of you, it must HanHan who’s being unreasonable. You’re the only one willing to indulge him,” Ma said with a smile.

“HanHan is pure and naive to the core. He’s the best. He’s worth being doted on by everyone,” JingYuan smiled.

Ma nodded with twinkling eyes.

Bai YiHan quickly ran back to his room and closed the door. He leaned on the door. His heart was about jump out of his throat. His scrambled mind would not calm down. JingYuan’s here. Was it for him? No. JingYuan should be here for his sister, right? Unfortunately, Sis had some urgent business and left for the company early. They missed each other.

It’s been over two years. To YiHan, they’ve all changed through time. He cannot face the only one man he loved, and still loved now, who was going to be his brother-in-law in the future.

To them, nothing has happened now. To him, everything from before was crystal clear in his memory. He can’t act as if nothing had happened.

He remembered JingYuan’s rejection. Remembered watching JingYuan’s back as he left the country without looking back at all. Moreover, he remembered those repulsive photos that were spread everywhere after he was set up. He even remembered, in JingYuan and his “secret base”, the gang rape that disgusted him so much he wanted to peel off a whole layer of his skin. Of course, everything was the result of his own actions. He can’t blame anyone else.

His family and JingYuan were still stuck in the past now, but he was already at the end of his trials. He was no longer that clean child they knew.


16 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 21

  1. Well, at least JG still has the thought that HanHan is the best :’D
    But with the experience of a gang rape.. if he’ll be able to start a relationship or have close skinship?

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That’s the thing that pricked me. It’s only normal(not really) to avoid any kind of physical intimacy after one goes through such trauma. Don’t wanna give any spoiler but yeah this part was not portrayed realistically in the story.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. That’s the problem with mental issues in media, often they aren’t really understood, belittled etc.
        I can understand that that isn’t easy, but if someone isn’t able to do that imo they shouldn’t use it in their stories. Haha, I know, dream thinking x’D


        1. Reflection of proper research is absent in many of these stories. Most probably because a bigger part of the readers just want a lil bit of “angst” before the desired happy ending. They don’t want to go deeper when all they seek entertainment. Not many care for the representation!

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