GC: Chapter 17

17. It’s not Easy Raising a Child

YiHan definitely could not tell his father about being reborn. Regardless of whether his father would believe him, Yihan was too ashamed to even mention the dishonourable things he’d done. He had decided to keep this secret in and bring it to the grave with him.

However, he can’t just make a fuss over nothing just because he wanted something like before. How should he word such an “unreasonable” request?

YiHan hung his head. He tried his best for a long time, but he couldn’t think of a way to convince his father. His head drooped as he dejectedly thought: He’s really the most useless child. His elder siblings are all so clever, so why’s he so stupid? Did his family doted on him because they pitied how especially dumb he was? Ah, he’s off-topic. What should he do now?

Bai FuRen looked on at his depressed son. Nothing showed on his face, but his mind spun fast. Based on his youngest son’s personality, if he didn’t give YiHan money when asked, YiHan would definitely display his obvious displeasure. Even if he didn’t dare throw a tantrum in front of FuRen, he’s certain to slam the door with an upset face and find his mother or some other helper. However, he’s just like a little flower being hailed on today, sitting there hanging his head in dejection. Was this a new strategy or did something really happened which made him hold his temper?

Helpless, YiHan could only ask pitifully, “I only want the south. Can’t I?”

FuRen’s kindly father’s heart was harshly triggered. He felt that if his son really was trying out a new strategy, then he’d succeeded for sure. Such a miserable look was much more useful than making a ruckus. Still, he persisted.

“HanHan, you must know that while that’s not a particularly big sum, it’s not small either. It’s good that you want to plan for the future by buying immovable assets. But you need to research deep into such a matter. Weigh the pros and cons, not follow your gut and feelings as if you’re buying a toy. Understand?” FuRen gently said.

YiHan’s face fell. “I know,” he dolefully replied.

FuRen was somewhat uneasy at how obedient YiHan was. His heart softened. “Why don’t I help you look at some land which are more likely to rise in value? Okay?” he asked.

YiHan shook his head.

FuRen pondered as he looked on as YiHan’s disappointed figure. “Can you tell Father why you must have that place?” he said.

YiHan’s mouth gaped and closed. “Property there is very cheap now. Once everything goes as planned, it’ll surely raise in value,” he softly said.

“HanHan, you must know that one can’t be greedy when doing business. Cheap property has its reasons for being cheap. Until now, there’ve been no rumours of any government plans for that area. Your habit of blindly rushing in to take advantage will make you suffer a great loss,” FuRen said with a resigned tone.

By the time word of it gets out, he can’t even squeeze in to buy them, YiHan despondently thought. There’s nothing he can do but to nod in agreement and walk out the door with his head drooped down.

FuRen watched as his young son walked out with his head full of grief. There were a few times when FuRen wanted to call out to YiHan. Stop him and hand him the money to play with. He held it in with immense willpower. He kept chanting in his head: You can’t dote on a child like that. You’ll raise him to be a useless son. That’s not loving him, it’s hurting him.


FuRen took off his glasses and massaged his nose bridge. It’s not easy raising a child!

YiHan returned to his bedroom and look at his bank balance via his phone. He let out a heavy sigh. New Year’s, dividends, pocket money from his parents and siblings. Add up how much he’d gotten throughout his life and it’d be a sizeable sum. Pity he never had any notions of saving up before. After all, he had enough cash to spend and he never thought of the future. Money always left him as fast as he got them. That meant there was only one million left in his bank account. It really disheartened him.


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