GC: Chapter 14

14. The Little Master’s Changed

YiHan lowered his head and worked hard through the food in front of him, afraid his family would spot his tearing eyes. It’s so weird. In the life before, even though he was spoiled by his family, he’d completely changed his cry-baby personality after disaster struck his home. Even on the day he died, he never cried again. So why had he turned back into a cry-baby when he travelled back to here?

Seeing him bury his face in his food, Ma worriedly spoke up. “HanHan, why do you only eat what’s in your bowl? Why don’t you take some more vegetables?”

Bai YiHan: “…” It’s already a very challenging task for him to just digest all of the food in his bowl. More vegetables? Where would they go?

“The child’s eating. Don’t disturb him. Let him eat what he wants,” said FuRen to his wife.

Ma agreed with a smile and a nod.

Another meal finished and YiHan was stuffed once more. He seriously began to question if he’d become fat during this incarnation.

“Ate too much? It’s not good to overeat at night. Come, let’s go for a walk. Helps you digest faster,” said Bai Yan. He smiled and petted YiHan on the head.

YiHan hurriedly nodded.

Ma pursed her lips in happiness as she watched her two sons walked out the door, shoulder to shoulder. She was suddenly reminded of something and asked Aunt Yang, “Can you go look if Chen Fang is around, Aunt Yang? Tell him to come over.” Chen Fang was Bodyguard A who’d secretly followed YiHan around during the day…

Soon, Chen Fang marched into the living room. “Mr Bai, Mrs Bai, Second Miss,” he said.

“I forgot to ask you this afternoon. When you were following the Little Master around today, where did he go to play?” asked Ma.

Chen Fang relayed every single detail of Bai YiHan’s trip outside.

The more she heard, the more uneasy Ma felt. “You said he went and ate at a small cafeteria? And it’s the kind that don’t look very clean?” she interrupted.

Chen Fang nodded, confused. He too didn’t understand how or why the Little Master suddenly changed.

However, Ma’s focus was clearly on a different channel to his. “Then why didn’t you stop him? His digestive system is weak. Eating any sort of unclean food will make him sick!”

“I didn’t think he’d really eat it. He’d be upset if he knew we were there, so I didn’t dare reveal myself,” said Chen Fang.

FuRen spoke up. “Outside food isn’t poison. It’s fine for him to have some occasionally. Wasn’t he alright this whole afternoon? The main point is why would he suddenly eat in a place he used to look down on? And he adapted quite well.”

XueQing had been silent this whole time. “Did something happen to him that we’re unaware of?” she asked with a sombre face.

“How could it be? That child’s been under our eyes this entire time.”

FuRen went quiet for a moment. “Continue your report,” he said to Chen Fang.

“After the Little Master finished his meal, he began walking about on the streets before heading to the spot where he’d be meeting up with Lil Zheng. However, the driver was not there, and Little Master waited on the spot. It was roughly over 10 minutes before Lil Zheng arrived with the car. The Little Master immediately returned home in the car,” said Chen Fang.

Ma was furious. “I knew the newbie is unreliable. This Lil Zheng actually made HanHan wait for him for over 10 minutes? What time was it? It’s the sunniest time of the day. HanHan’s body can’t handle that. And that child. Really. Why didn’t he say anything after going through such a painful ordeal? We can’t keep employing this man. It’s his first time driving for HanHan and he dared make HanHan wait for him? He might even start bossing HanHan around the next time!”

FuRen patted his wife’s hand, soothing her turbulent emotions. “Lil Zheng’s movements are just a trivial matter. The issue is HanHan waited under the blazing sun for over 10 minutes, yet he didn’t throw a temper tantrum. He didn’t even mention it when he came home. It’s much too strange. It’s out of character,” said he in a deep, thoughtful voice.

XueQing’s heart sank. “Lil Bro must have suffered in the hands of someone some time unknown to us. That’s why he suddenly became so obedient. He didn’t even dare speak up after being wronged! He might be a little spoilt, but he’s not brave. He’s easily frightened. That someone had better not let me know who they are, or I’d make him regret being born!”


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  1. Thanks for the update! Mc family is so cute, I kinda feel sad knowing the things hinted to have happened in his previous life (。•́︿•̀。)

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  2. “Why didn’t he say anything after going through such a painful ordeal?”
    I can’t decide to facepalm, to laugh or to ignore it xDDDD Ma, calm down.
    (You should try taking the train or bus here, punctuality is something they don’t know :3)
    At least he has a family who loves him!

    And thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

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  3. I want to be touched but it’s hard when I want to laugh as well 😂
    And oh mother, as expected of the Head of #HanHanProtectiveSquad

    Thanks for the chapter🍀!

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