LC: Chapter 19

19. Changing Spots

When Bai XiaoYu woke up the next day, he received the letter with his pay.

“Meow~” There’s so much~. The little cat wriggled happily in the pile of crystals.

“Ah, there’s so many.” 1, 2, 3…There’s actually 100 crystals here. It’s enough to bury the tiny cat in crystals. Big guilds really were able to pay lavishly.

I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s icon was still dull. He must still be asleep. After some consideration, XiaoYu decided to stop living in his usual poor and frugal ways. 5 silvers was nothing compared to his current finances. He ran out and mailed a letter to the other. He’s bad with words and can only say “Thank you”, but the other would get him.

He tidied up his thoughts, his inventory and storage, then continued being intimate with the zombies.

It was around noon when I_Am_A_Poor_Man finally crawled online. As soon as he logged in, he greeted XiaoYu and invited him to dine together at the finest restaurant in Serica.

“Pfft. What kind of head accessory is that?” Out spewed a heavenly shower of alcohol.

“Rotten Bandage.”

“Hahaha! I thought it was a little beggar from some random beggar sect.” The bandages looped round and round his head in a messy fashion. There was even a strip of cloth drooping down on the right. Wait, it’s a strip of rotten bandage.

“>///<” It was only then that XiaoYu realised his new accessory did not fit in with the restaurant’s decor. He’d been grinding. Equipping it would increase his damage to undead monsters by 10%. He thought it was better than the grass wreathe so he switched it out.

“Don’t just stand around. Sit.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man only found his kindness after having enough of laughing. He called XiaoYu, who was standing there with a 囧 face, to sit. It’s an enclosed room. No one would laugh at the other here.

“Okay.” XiaoYu was thinking of changing accessories, but he dismissed that notion at the thought of that grass wreathe. He’s always found in shameful situations. Perhaps he’ll get used to it after a while.

“Eh? Erm…Why do I feel like your headdress is on backwards?” Something just felt weird. The front was lower than the back. It nearly blocked the other’s eyes.

“Mn. If this droops on the left, the little one would keep playing with it,” said XiaoYu as pointed at the strip of bandage on the right.

“Haha, true. That’s a cat for you.” If they see a hanging object swaying, they’d want to pounce at it. Who knew if the kitten had fallen from LuckyCat’s shoulders before? The more I_Am_A_Poor_Man thought about it, the funnier it felt. “Pfft.”

囧. XiaoYu always had complicated and dangerous feelings about this man who has the well-defined face of an elite but is always acting out of character.

“Ahem. You must be hungry after training for the whole morning. Come, order whatever you want. It’s my treat.”

“Mn.” Trying to reject would just make him sound petty or spoiled. Even so, XiaoYu didn’t order anything rare or expensive. If the restaurant was highly rated, that meant the normal dishes would be delicious as well.

As the big and small lucky cats ate, they thought: High-class restaurants are special. (╯▽╰)

“You don’t drink?”

“I don’t.”

“Not even a sip?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man felt like he was the evil man who’d seduce children away.

“No. I need to go back to grinding later.” He didn’t know what it’d be like to be drunk in-game, but he’s sure he won’t be able to continue grinding.

“Ah, you don’t need to work so hard. Why don’t you log off and have lunch first?” XiaoYu’s personality didn’t feel like a child who was born in a rich household to I_Am_A_Poor_Man. But the other was always online whenever he logs in. It’s as if the other never went offline. So, I_Am_A_Poor_Man decided to do a little test.

“It’s fine. I’m using a game pod…I got it from a lucky draw.” XiaoYu tacked on the last bit when I_Am_A_Poor_Man looked doubtful.

“Wow~ You really are a lucky cat. You can even win that.” What kind of XX luck? He’d never won anything from the lottery, not even a few bucks. There’s always someone who’s greater. How annoying.

“Hehe…” Perhaps it’s because his parents were looking after him from Heaven.

“Ugh…Mn.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man chugged down some alcohol. He was going to ask the other why he was always online. Even if there are not nutritional issues using a gaming pod, the other spent his entire time over the last 2 weeks or so grinding materials for him. It wasn’t the school holidays right now. However, everyone had their own difficulties and secrets. He shouldn’t stick his nose too far in because he believes LuckyCat was a good child.

And so he began spilling his guts to XiaoYu. It’s so troublesome managing a big guild There were also lots of work to be done in his real life company. His boss never raised his pay. I_Am_A_Poor_Man yearned to clone a few more of himself just to help himself out.

XiaoYu listened in silence. Occasionally, he’d nod in sympathy. It looked like I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s chief was extremely petty and heartless.

From the start until the end, I_Am_A_Poor_Man called HereticKing as Chief. He thought XiaoYu would know who it was. HereticKing was a famous figure in the game. Additionally, the square in the capitals would fly the flag of the conquerors. Touching the flags would pop out messages like “Prole-4 is occupied by Heretic Demons. Guild Leader, HereticKing. Those who object, please raise up your swords on Saturday and march onwards!”

It’s a pity XiaoYu never opened up the World Chat, never roamed the gossip and guild wars sections of the forums, and never touch other’s flags on a whim. He really didn’t know who the guild leader of the guild he’d helped out yesterday really was.

“LuckyCat, what level are you?”


“So fast…Did you grind at the bottom level?” XiaoYu nodded. “But high-level monsters are annoying, right? They have range attacks.”

“Mn…” He was even poisoned a few times. Being poisoned didn’t feel good at all.

“So even if a healer grinded solo, they’d never hit those zombies at this level. Let me tell you a tip. Go north-east from the East Gate of Serica. There’s a Jiangshi Cave there. The monsters range from Levels 30 to 60. While the higher levels have range attacks too, you’d have no issues hitting Second Job Change just with the low level mobs.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man once went all over the world to challenge bosses with HereticKing. He was very knowledgeable on what the monsters were like.

“But the mucus and bandages…”

“It’s fine. Levelling is more important. You can’t soak in that pool of zombies forever.” At the meeting last night, he’d raised an idea with the other squad leaders. Those who disobey directions or abandoned their posts will be punished to go farming in the Zombie Cave. The whole process would be recorded so they can’t just buy the materials.

“Oh.” XiaoYu was certainly sick of those zombies. It’d be nice to challenge others.

“And Jiangshi Hats can be used to make Mini Jiangshi Hats for pets. You can get a hat for that greedy kitten. It’d increase Intimacy. Once you get the Jiangshi Hat, message me. I’ll bring you to the NPC who can craft it.” Actually, the mischievous I_Am_A_Poor_Man just wanted to see the goofy scene of the tiny cat constantly pawing at the paper charm dangling in front of its eyes after it wore the Mini Jiangshi Hat.

The most unique characteristic of Jiangshi Hats are the paper charms stuck on the front. Of course, they could be torn away. He just wanted to tease the little one before XiaoYu realised it.

“Could non-decorative pets equip accessories?”

“Hm? Is it not one? Does it have a skill?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man had never seen the little one pick up items or smack its paw. He thought it was just a decorative pet with a better A.I.

XiaoYu showed him the Pet tab. Explaining would be more troublesome.

“Wow. The mystical big lucky cat has a mystical tiny lucky cat with him. Tsk. Tsk.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man finally understood why it was called TinyLuckyCat. He thought it was because the big lucky cat was too lazy to think of a name. (In reality, he was too lazy.)

That afternoon, I_Am_A_Poor_Man continued drowning in agony. XiaoYu decided to go to the Jiangshi Cave the next day. He’d finish up this one last batch today. Because of that, he just roamed around the upper level. He only needed 1 to 2 spells to kill those low-levelled zombies now.


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