GC: Chapter 11

11. Lil Bro’s Home?

As soon as Bai Yan entered the house, he could feel that something was not right with the atmosphere in his home. Nowadays there’s usually a heavy aura hanging over the house because of his little brother’s temper mysteriously blowing up all the time. But not only were his parents full of smiles today, even his cool and aloof younger sister was smiling when they met up at the door.

What’s going on? Did something major happen he didn’t know about?

He tilted his head up to where his parents were. “Dad. Mom. What happened today? You look very happy.” The eldest brother of the Bai family had the tyrannical CEO personality. He was tall, muscular, handsome and had a foreboding aura about him. However, that’s only on the outside. His family knew that he’s just an extremely warm-hearted man inside. He loved his parents, protected his siblings, and was an exceptional son and brother. His grades had been outstanding since he was a child. His smooth sailing proved his intelligence to be far above the average. After he graduated from university, he gave up on further studies and entered the Bai Group to share his father’s burden. He’s skilfully helped Bai FuRen handle the company these few years. Whenever anyone commented on the eldest son of the Bai family, they’d give a big thumbs up and compliment Bai FuRen “for being so lucky”, and compliment Bai Yan on being the ideal “someone else’s kid”.

At this moment, this “someone else’s kid” was staring confused at his parents and sister who were smiling for no reason. He couldn’t get what was going on at all.

Ma kindly patted Bai Yan on the shoulder. She beamed at him and Bai XueQing, “You’re back. You must be tired. Go wash up and get ready for dinner. I’ll go call your brother.”

Bai Yan nodded. As he rose from where he sat, he asked, “He’s home?” He didn’t go out to play today?

Ma unhappily gave a slap to her eldest son’s backside. ” Of course, he is. He’s such a good child. Where would he be if not here?” As she said so, she giddily flew to call her sweet child down for dinner.

Bai Yan was left behind, reeling. “… There’re plenty of flaws in him. I don’t know where to start…” YiHan only woke up around noon today. He walked about town for a few hours before he came home. After a shower, he laid down on his bed to begin his daydreaming and pondering. He’d wonder if this was all a dream that’d disappear when he woke up next. Then, he’d wonder if he frightened his mother with the words he spoke out of the blue. Then, he’d wonder what if the Bai family went bankrupt again. What should be done so they could live then?

Thoughts whirled nonstop through his brain yet no conclusion was reached. Sprawled on the bed, he hugged his blanket and rolled around. He’s completely useless. Except for his knowledge on the city’s upcoming developments for the next four years, he’s absolutely useless!

Wait. The next four years of city’s developments? He sat up with his blanket and began recalling to every minute difference between the city he saw today and the city he remembered.

He didn’t know how to deal with residential property and the Bai family wasn’t in the industry too. Property changes were useless. He didn’t know how to play with stocks and he never paid it any attention in his last life. Whatever. The only major thing he could really recall was the development of the city’s university and its new address.

His city’s university was one of the top universities in the nation. It’s also one of the largest universities. Even so, it wasn’t enough as the years went by. However, the current campus was in the city where every inch of soil was worth its weight in gold. It wouldn’t be easy to expand and further. Some of its buildings were also quite old and needed to be renovated.

The university had money. Once they settled on a decision, they’d go ahead with all they’ve got. They bought all of the land in an area near the foot of the nearby Mount NanXiang in one go. Everything was done without notice and they began rebuilding.

That area used to be the least popular in the city. It’s somewhat isolated and was far away from the city centre. It wasn’t convenient no matter what one did with it, so property prices there were the cheapest in the city.

Once the campus was built, everything changed. Not only were the original residents of the land being used well compensated, it changed the entire financial scene of the city. In support of careers in education, the higher-ups established two new public transport routes specifically for the university. New highways were built and rumours of similar plans by the government spread. When the businessmen heard of the new university, they started snatching up lands around the development until all connecting property were sold out. These lands were developed alongside the university. Offices, malls, hotels, eateries. In two short years, the city’s poorest districts were developed into something that could compete with the beautiful, bustling heart of the city.

Translator’s Notes:

Someone else’s kid: The stereotypical Asian parent likes comparing their own kids with others’. The “someone else’s kid” refers to the kid other parents like. E.g. “why aren’t you as {insert compliment like studious or sweet} as so-and-so’s son/daughter?”


10 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 11

  1. Oh God, I am a long time sufferer of the “why aren’t you as good as so-and-so’s kid” comparison… if any parents are reading this I just wanna say don’t do that to your kids. Maybe it’s an inspiration to some kids to work harder to surpass “someone else’s kid” but for me it just killed my self-worth and self-confidence.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter. _(owo_) I hate the whole comparison thing going on in families, especially when you’re already in college and ur mom be like, look at (someone’s name)’s child, s/he’s currently in (some ‘cool’) major and is now interning at this big company… And I’m like, mom I know you’re looking down on my major choice _(:[//) and my dad’s also like that, but he compares us with himself so imo it’s somewhat worse.


  3. So…a landlord it is!:D
    Ohh I hope his family won’t misunderstand him if he were to suddenly ask for a huge sum of capital

    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀


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