GC: Chapter 10

10. Our Son’s Matured

After a long while, Ma finally began to twitch and move. She slowly walked over to the sofa and sat down. Tears of joy flowed down her cheeks.

Her youngest son. who’s always so heartless and inconsiderate, actually said he loved her! Was she dreaming? She just felt so moved and happy that she stayed in that state until Pa came home. Instead of dissipating, her feelings of joy just kept on growing!

As soon as Bai FuRen reached home, he saw his wife sitting in the living room with an indescribable expression on her face and tear stains at the corner of her eyes.


As a qualified slave of his wife, he immediately dropped his bag and hurriedly sat down by his wife. Carefully, he tucked his wife into his arms and softly asked, “Xiao Ran, what is it? You cried? Was YiHan being naughty again? Were you upset by him? I’ll go take care of him for you!”

In a set of ironed steel grey suit, FuRen might be getting on in age but his figure was very well maintained. Not an inch of his face showed his age and his hair was neatly combed. A pair of gold-trimmed glasses sat on his nose. Strikingly handsome with an extraordinary air around him. He looked nothing like a businessman, rather a bookworm or a scholar.

Ma wasn’t moved at all by his charms. When his words reached her ears, her fur immediately bristled. As a mother whose face muscles were cramping from smiling for a whole afternoon, she’s actually hearing someone badmouthing her precious and obedient little boy now? How can she possible allow that?

Ma jumped up. With furrowed brows, she spoke in rage, “Who said my HanHan is naughty? He is already the most obedient, quiet, good boy in the whole wide world, okay? How else would you have him behave? Also, you dare talk about your son? All day long, you only know about your office, your company, your work. You’re not even willing to spend time with your children. That’s called…called absent parenting! Do you know that he’s not been feeling well lately? It must be because of you that he doesn’t feel safe anymore! What kind of a father are you? And you dare say he’s not been a good boy? He’s the most obedient child, alright? He even told me that he loved me today!

As she said so, she tilted her head up high proudly. “Fewlish human, come and envy me!” was written all over her face. FuRen was stumped. How can he not know what that brat of his was like? Him, a good boy? Obedient? If that’s considered good behaviour, then there’s no such thing as a “wild child” in this world! But his wife was so proud and confident, it didn’t seem to be a lie. Could his youngest son have really grown up and matured? Not only did he learn to care for others but also to make his mother happy?

Hua XiaoRan proudly boasted for a while but when she saw her husband ignoring her, she flew into a rage again. “Don’t you believe me? If you don’t, then go ask Aunt Yang! HanHan hugged me today and told me, ‘Mom, I love you’ right here! This very spot! I remember it well! It was not a hallucination.” She walked over to where Bai YiHan had hugged her. She was eager to make her husband believe what she said was true, eager to share her joy. Her little son had always been happy and friendly. He’d frequently act cute and be lovey-dovey with her but he was always quite independent and spoilt. He’d never said anything like “I love you”. As soon as she heard those words, her kind motherly heart and melted into a puddle of water.

FuRen embraced his wife and comforted her, “Okay, okay. I get it. Our son’s all grown up. He’s matured, become considerate of others. He knows how to make his mother happy now. I’m happy too.”

XiaoRan was still not satisfied. “It wasn’t just to make me happy. He sincerely said he loved me. Mothers know their sons best. I could feel it.

FuRen smiled. “Yes, yes. Mothers know best. I know. No matter how or why, him making you so happy today means all your doting and love was not for nothing.”

In front of her husband, XiaoRan’s mental age severely dropped. Her lips formed an unhappy pout. “Watch how you say things. You make it sound like I’m only good to him because I want him to reciprocate and pay it back. As a mother, I am satisfied as long as he’s happy. I love him not because I want him to do anything, but because he is my son!”

FuRen amiably agreed, “You’re right. There’s nothing greater than a mother’s love. As parents, we would naturally not expect anything from our children.”

Only then did Hua XiaoRan nodded in satisfaction. At this moment, the front doors slam open once more and in walked Bai Yan and Bai XueQing.

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