GC: Chapter 9

9. Mother, I Love You

Bai YiHan didn’t really pay attention to what the driver said. He raised his sunburnt head up and nonchalantly said, “It’s fine. It wasn’t long. Let’s go.”

Having said so, he opened the backseat’s door and ducked in.

Zheng Xin was shocked. Just like that…he got away with it? With a head full of questions and doubts, he began driving and asked, “Where would you like to go now, sir?”

YiHan replied straightaway, “Home.”

Zheng Xin snuck a peek through the rear-view mirror at YiHan who had already closed his eyes and started resting. “Yes,” he replied. With a turn of the steering wheel, the car joined the stream of cars.

Bodyguard A, B, C: “…” What’s with Little Master today? Why’s he so tolerant today? That driver sneaking off caused him to wait by the road for over 10 minutes. Over! 10! Minutes! His face is all red! The little ancestor actually waited quietly! He didn’t even throw a tantrum! Did the sun rise from the west? Today felt so surreal. It seemed like they could only “…” the whole time.

But such a sweet and obedient Little Master seemed to be cuter than ever. He’s so fluffy, bouncy and full of moe/meng! It made all their hearts ache for him. This Zheng Xin! Once they’re back, they must tell Madam Bai! Scold him! No mercy!

The three looked at each other in the eye and decisively nodded.

The car arrived at the Bai home. When YiHan got out of the car, he was called out to by Zheng Xin, “Little Master, wait…”

YiHan looked back at the car.

Zheng Xin rubbed his hands and awkwardly continued, “That…Little Master, about today…can you not tell Madam? She’ll fire me. You know I’m just a poor man. I really need this job.”

Confused, YiHan replied, “What about today?”

Zheng Xin froze in an instant. He was wondering why YiHan was being so nice today. So, this was where the trap was. Humiliate Zheng Xin at the gates then dismiss him, was it?

Still, he really needed this job. Even if it was a 1 in a million chance, he had to seize it. He stubbornly went on, “It’s the part where I…came late and made you wait.”

YiHan said with a wave of his hand, “Oh, that. I said it’s fine.”

He then started walking into the house. Zheng Xin called out again from behind, “Little Master, about Madam…”

YiHan thought it over. If his mother knew the driver had made him wait for over 10 minutes, she might fire Zheng Xin. He’s also someone who had needed to beg everyone in the world just for a job. He didn’t plan to cause trouble for Lil Zheng for such a trivial issue. “Relax. I won’t tell her,” he said.

Zheng Xin immediately perked up in gratitude, “Thank you, Little Master! You’re so kind.” He didn’t think the Little Master would be so charitable.

As soon as YiHan walked through the door, Ma came and welcomed him home. “HanHan, where did you go to play today? You’re back so soon. Did you have fun?” she asked with a smile.

YiHan smiled back, “Mom, I just walked around. It was fun.”

At the sight of her youngest son’s smile, Ma’s heart nearly melted. The smile on her face deepened. She went on excitedly, “That’s good. As long as my HanHan’s happy. You’re tired, aren’t you? Go have a shower and rest. I’ll call you once dinner’s ready.”

YiHan looked at his mother whose smile blossomed just because he said he had “fun”. His eyes started stinging. He couldn’t resist walking up to her and giving her a hug. He whispered by her ear, “Mother, I love you.”

Ma: “…” Critical! Hit! Warning! Warning! Blood tank is empty!

Afraid that his mother would worry again at the sight of his red eyes, YiHan let go of her and rushed up the stairs. Ma was left shocked still and standing all alone on the spot…

Translator’s Note:

Fluffy, bouncy and full of moe/meng: Fluffy and bouncy were added to help explain moe/meng to those who don’t know what it means yet (cute). Moe/Meng were both put in even though the original was just meng because a) they’re used interchangeably but some tend to dislike the use of words that aren’t that common or using words that come from a different language. b) since we have 3 bodyguards here, just imagine that there’s that one traitor who’d use a different term.


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  1. You killed me at the “just imagine that there’s that one traitor who’d use a different term” I almost choked on my water for laughing. Thank you for translating!

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  2. “Over! 10! Minutes!”
    。・゚(゚> ヮ < ゚)゚・。
    I have to laugh so much with those bodyguards xDD

    And that crit hit to the mother lol

    Thx~ for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

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