GC: Chapter 6

6. Being Born is Also a Skill

Ma said, “You must eat the prawn congee while it’s hot or it’ll taste fishy. It’s already cold. I’ll go get you another bowl.”

YiHan smiled and replied, “It’s fine. It’s still warm. Don’t waste it. It’s delicious.” As he said so, he took another bite of it. The congee’s fragrance burst in his mouth. He happily closed his eyes. How long has it been since he had such tasty food?

When he was working at the cafe, he could only bear to eat the cheapest fast food boxed meal. He’d wolf it down so as to avoid delaying his work before running back to the shop.

When he first started out, he couldn’t even swallow the food down. He felt that it wasn’t something humans can eat. But what that proverb said was correct. All bad habits were created through overindulgence. When one is so hungry that they could faint, there’s no room for picky eating. Even food cooked with black, recycled oil tasted delicious. This bowl of porridge was only somewhat cold. It was still a thousand times better than all the stuff he’d eaten before.

Ma and Aunt Yang looked at each other and saw their surprise reflecting in the other’s eyes. Bai YiHan grew up being adored and doted on by everyone. He hated powdered stock in his food and food not being cooked thoroughly. He was the pickiest eater ever. Usually, he’d refuse any food that was lacking, even if it was the slightest of all issues. Just what was up with him today?

After brunch, YiHan was driven out of the mansion by Lil Zheng, the driver, under Ma’s worrying gaze. YiHan knew how to drive but he’d normally be driven around by the driver as his family insisted he was still too young. It’s extremely dangerous for him to drive alone. To this, the 24-years-old Bai YiHan could do nothing but be speechless.

As she watched the car YiHan was in drive out the gate, Ma thought through her youngest son’s unusual behaviour today and summoned a bodyguard. “Bring two other guards with you and follow him. Protect him but don’t let him discover you’re there.”

YiHan told Lil Zheng to just drive aimlessly around the city. As he gazed out at the speeding past skyscrapers, a hundred different things sped through his mind. This city was the place he grew up in and the place where he died in bitter pain. His past short lifespan was spent in this city. He knew this place. He loved this place. He will be buried here in this life. This was his home.

It soon became noon. As they passed by a suburb still under construction, YiHan spoke to Lil Zheng, “Let me out here. You go find somewhere to have lunch. I want to have a walk. Once you’re done, come back for me.”

Lil Zheng disagreed, “There’s quite a lot of construction going on here. It’ll be full of dust. Sir, if you wish to take a walk, why must it be here? I can’t just leave you alone and have lunch myself either. What would you like to eat?”

YiHan considered the other’s words for a moment. “Then drop me off somewhere in front. I ate quite late this morning. I’m not hungry yet. If I am, I’ll go find some food myself. Unless you think I’m a child who doesn’t know when to eat as well?”

Lil Zheng felt a chill rushing down his spine. Everyone knew that the Little Master of the Bai family was the family’s precious baby. He’s been spoilt to the core. If he expressed his discontent about Lil Zheng later on, this high-paying job would vanish. The Little Master was already an adult. Most young ones were capable of independence. Only the Bai family still treated him like a little baby who needed to be taken care of at all times.

Lil Zheng’s mind whirled round and round but his mouth merely replied, “Okay. Sir, there’s a street ahead you can explore ahead. I’ll come back for you in a while.”

YiHan nodded. As the car slowly stopped, he got out. Lil Zheng stared at his back and thought, “The saying was right. You can be in the same situation but your life can be totally different. Most people at this age would be working hard to forge their own way but this Little Master Bai was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Even if he lazed about his whole life, he’d live a carefree and lavish life. Just living off the dividends would guarantee a life of luxury. Even if the Bai family’s attitude to him was ignored, just a tiny bit of those dividends was enough to let him live his whole life without working. He was born in riches and could live a life without worry, yet he’s always throwing tantrums. Lil Zheng really didn’t understand what he could be unhappy about.

Lil Zheng shook his head and sighed. Just drive. Stop thinking about it. This birth was gotten through skill and not something that can be gotten through envy.


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