GC: Chapter 5

5. Don’t Want to Wake Up

Bai XueQing was known to be a strong, independent woman, Bai YiHan was her opposite. Because he wasn’t that healthy as a child, everyone in his family loved him to pieces. Ma in particular felt that she owed him and loathed that she couldn’t give him the stars when all he asked for was the moon. When he was in primary school, he’d be admitted into the hospital every few days, so his results weren’t that great. Later, when he grew up and didn’t fell sick that often, his results still floated about the average because his basics weren’t strong. His family didn’t force him to get better either, so he never once experienced the burden and pain of studying. He then played around until he graduated university. Ma doted her son, so she wasn’t willing to let him join the company and enter a lifestyle of working 9 to 5 so young. She wanted him to live a carefree life for several years before deciding what he wanted to do. After all, even if he did nothing, he could live a happy life as a rich child.

That’s why YiHan was now the textbook case of a NEET (Not in Employment, Education and Training). Having learned from his past life, he now understood no one in this world needed to treat him kindly. Before accepting the kindness others gave to him, he should feel grateful and pay it back. Only then would the relationship last.

It’s just a pity he understood it too late. His family’s and Mu JingYuan’s love for him had already been hulled out by his unruly actions. When he woke up to it all, there was no turning back. Now, a rare chance to be reborn was here. How could he selfishly let his family spoil him?

Ma saw how insistent he was on not letting his sister skip work for him and so let it go. XueQing carefully observed YiHan. It was only after confirming he wasn’t just bearing with it that she picked up her bag and rose, “Ma, Lil Bro, I’ll head off to work then. There’re still a few things to do today.”

YiHan hurriedly made a shooing gesture, “Then hurry and go. Drive safely.”

Ma nodded as well. XueQing however gave another questioning glance at YiHan. How weird it was that this brother who’d always acted selfishly to care about her. Even so, the feeling’s great! As she walked to the garage and drove to work, and even when she was there, her lips never dropped from the smile it formed.

At home, Mrs Zhang served up YiHan’s breakfast (lunch?) while Ma began pushing her youngest son to the table. She personally served YiHan a bowl of prawn congee and pushed over some Xiao Long Bao, crystal dumplings, and all sorts of delicious side dishes. She gently said, “HanHan, you woke up so late today. You must be starving. Eat some first. Wait until lunch, then you can have a good meal.” As she said so, she turned to look at Mrs Zhang. “Make tonight’s dinner more lavish with more meat and vegetables. It must be extremely nutritious, Mrs Zhang. HanHan’s too thin. His emotions have also been very unstable lately, so he needs to replenish.”

Mrs Zhang spoke up, “Yes.” Her gaze directed at YiHan was both doting and upset as well. This dainty young man was the Bai family’s heart and soul. She herself doted on him too.

YiHan stared at the delicate cutlery and tasty prawn congee before him, his mind a mess. Everything from before was still flashing through his mind and the pain of his bone shattering was still carved into his body. But after one night’s sleep, he’s now sitting in this warm and inviting home again, eating congee under his mother’s gentle gaze.

Everything felt like a dream. Was all that had happened just a cruel and painful nightmare or was this all a beautiful dream created because he couldn’t bear the pain anymore?

His emotions tumbled all over the place. No. What happened before was definitely not a dream. He could remember everything that had happened clearly. His broken leg, shattered fingers. Even the sounds of the gunshot which took away his life seemed to be ringing in his ears now. Everything was real. They could never be a dream!

But now…He froze up. He stretched out his hand and firmly pinched himself on the thigh. Pain pulsated through him. In an instant, his eyes reddened. It wasn’t out of pain but of happiness. Pain as sharp as this meant this was all real. He’d really been reborn. The gods had granted him another chance! If this was really just a dream, then let him drown in it and never to wake up.

Ma saw her own son doltishly daydreamed while staring his bowl of congee then fiercely pinched himself. She couldn’t stop him in time. She was so angry that she could beat this worrisome child, yet she couldn’t bear to be so. All she could do was go on muttering, “What’s wrong with you, child? Eat your breakfast. Why did you have to pinch yourself? And so strongly at that! It’s going to bruise! You’re really worrisome!”

YiHan listened on at what he once thought of as troublesome nagging. It now filled his whole body with warmth. At last he couldn’t hold it in anymore and raised his head, “Ma, you’re the best.”

Ma blushed. She could only retort, “Do you think I’d let you go with just a few compliments? Hmph.” Saying so, she reached out as if to snatch away the bowl of congee in front of him. YiHan stopped her, “Why?”


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