GC: Chapter 112

112. Car Crash

Among the three names singled out, YiHan’s suspicions were mainly focused on Wei Quan. All because of the “mental illness”. He picked up his phone and called one of his bodyguards.

“Chen Feng (Bodyguard A),” he said. “Come here for a moment.”

Soon, the tall Chen Feng walked into the room and respectfully greeted YiHan, “Little Master.”

YiHan held out a paper with three men’s information he’d copied off the email and said, “Arrange for some men to look into them without anyone knowing. I want to know how they’re doing, where they’re going and who they’re talking to. Also, I want someone to keep an eye on them at all times. Do not let them leave your sight. Be quick about it. Remember. Don’t let anyone know about this.”

“Yes, sir,” Chen Feng gravely said, accepting over the paper. “Don’t worry, Little Master. I’ll have it done as soon as possible.”

“Among the men by my side,” YiHan said with a nod. “You’re the most level-headed. I’m at ease with you in charge of this. Go.”

Chen Feng’s manly iron-clad heart was instantly touched. His two eyes shimmered (twinkled?) bright as he loudly replied, “I will not let you down!” Then, he strode out with a confidence he’d never had before.

Chen Feng worked quick. He called YiHan to report in that very evening.

“Little Master, the men are all ready. Li Mao and Tang JianPing are fine but there’s something off about Wei Quan,” said Chen Feng.

“What is it?” YiHan froze in fear.

“After he was fired, he didn’t have a good time,” Chen Feng replied. “He went on to be a security guard in places like hotels and malls, but his mental health seemed unstable. He could never keep the job for long. He lives in the western districts. The only one living with him is his mother, a widow. He would frequently boast and gripe about how Miss XueQing is his woman but she’d ran off with another man. No one else in his neighbourhood knows of Miss XueQing so they thought it’s true. Some even think the ‘woman running off’ made his illness worse.”

“This bastard!” YiHan spat through gritted teeth. He was fuming. “How dare he ruin XueQing’s reputation!”

“He was so confident and believable in his story,” came the reply over the phone. “It seems like he too believes that’s the truth. However, that’s not the most important information. A few days ago, a pretty young lady suddenly appeared. She even stayed the night. Since then, she’d been appearing quite often. Wei Quan’s temper has also gotten more explosive. He would frequently mutter stuff like ‘kill him, kill her’. His neighbours have started avoiding him at all costs. Just now, he and that woman went to a shady car rental shop. They rented a car but the woman didn’t get on. Wei Quan drove off alone. Our men are now following him.”

A chill spread through YiHan’s body. Immediately, he was reminded of Chen TianYang’s gruesome body from the last life.

“Where is my sister now?” he shouted into the phone.

“I don’t know,” Chen Feng replied, confused. He didn’t think the Little Master would be that agitated from the news.

YiHan hurriedly hung up and called XueQing. He called and called but her number was busy the whole time.

By now, YiHan was overtaken with panic. He called Chen TianYang and, fortunately, the man quickly answered.

“YiHan?” TianYang said. “Is there something you need?”

“TianYang, are you with my sister now?” YiHan’s words rushed out of his mouth.

“No, I’m at my office. Did something happen?” TianYang was baffled.

“She might be in danger but she won’t answer her phone!” YiHan was near tears.

“What?” TianYang yelped in shock. “She should be in her office. I’ll go to her right now!”

An “ah” had just left YiHan’s lips when TianYang hung up. At a loss, he called XueQing once more but he still couldn’t get through. He shoved his phone down his pocket, ran upstairs to get his keys, and hurried out the house.

“Little Master,” Aunt Yang shouted after him. “Where are you going? I’ll go call the driver!”

“It’s fine,” YiHan shouted back, unfaltering in his stride. “I’ll drive myself.”

Aunt Yang was spinning in worry when a realisation struck her hard. She ran over to the house phone and called JingYuan. JingYuan had just gotten back to his office when his phone started ringing. A glance told him it was the Bai family home’s landline. He swiftly answered it in hopes it’d be YiHan but who he heard was Aunt Yang.

“Mr Mu, I don’t know what happened just now with Little Master but he ran out after being on the phone,” the frantic voice of Aunt Yang said. “He wouldn’t have the driver drive him. He said he’ll drive himself! That’s so dangerous!”

JingYuan was stunned too. He knew his little one always listened to him. When he left the house this morning, he’d told YiHan not to leave the house if possible. If YiHan had to leave, he should call JingYuan first. JingYuan would go back and drive YiHan himself. What could’ve made his little one rush out of the house and drive himself at such a time?

“Don’t worry,” JingYuan replied. “I’ll go look for him.”

JingYuan then hung up and called YiHan. However, YiHan’s phone was busy dialling XueQing’s number over and over again. JingYuan’s call wouldn’t go through. JingYuan thumped his desk hard. He stomped out of the office without picking up his jacket.

Aunt Yang placed the receiver back in its cradle and heaved a sigh of relief. Ah, wait. Why did she call Mr Mu first? Shouldn’t she have called the Master and the Young Master? Whatever. Calling Mr Mu makes no difference.

YiHan walked into the garage and got into a sapphire blue sports car. It was a birthday present he’d received last year from his brother. Even though his family gave him a car, none of them would let him drive himself. He’d usually be driven by a driver so this car stayed in the garage all year long. It would be taken out for routine inspection and maintenance though. YiHan didn’t know why his brother would give him a car but, on this day, he was so grateful for the gift. This was the only car key he had access to. If he wanted the car the driver used, he would have to wait. Currently, he can’t waste a single second.

His heart thumped and raced. It didn’t matter if that psycho wasn’t targeting his sister today. He couldn’t stop worrying until XueQing and TianYang were standing before him, healthy and hale.

On the drive over, he kept redialling XueQing’s number but her phone was busy the whole time. A dozen of missed calls later, her phone was actually turned off. YiHan was distressed beyond belief. His foot pressed so hard on the gas pedal that the car zoomed by buildings. Just then, he received a call from JingYuan.

“HanHan, where are you?” JingYuan said upon YiHan answering. “What happened?”

YiHan could no longer be bothered to wonder how the other man knew what he was doing. His heart did settle down upon hearing his lover’s voice. He took a few deep breaths and calmed down slightly.

“XueQing might be in danger,” YiHan said. “I’m going over to her!”

“Where is she?” JingYuan asked. “Tell me. I’ll go to!”

“I just called TianYang. He said she should be at her office. I’ve got to go check up on her. I can’t stop worrying.”

JingYuan’s worry heightened at hearing the panic in the younger man’s voice. “Don’t panic, HanHan,” he soothed. “XueQing’s at the office. Yes? I’ll be there soon. I won’t let her get into any danger. Drive carefully. Do you have your safety belt on?”

YiHan had charged straight into the car and out of the garage in a flustered state. How could he have remembered to put it on? Upon being reminded, he lifted a hand from the steering wheel and clicked the safety belt into place.

“I did,” he guiltily replied.

After speeding through who-knew-how-many traffic lights later, he was finally approaching the Bai Group’s office building. From a distance, YiHan could see XueQing walking out through the office doors while TianYang stepped out of his car parked nearby. He was about to let out a sigh of relief when the next thing he saw made his pupils dilate in fear.

An unremarkable silver Volkswagen suddenly sped up and was heading towards XueQing!

YiHan’s mind went blank. He floored the gas pedal and drove at the silver car from the side.

TianYang had let out a sigh of relief at seeing XueQing leaving her office doors perfectly fine. He was about to speak up when he saw a car charging straight at XueQing from her side!

He didn’t waste a second hesitating. He grabbed her in an embrace and lunged away with her in his arms. A sharp pain pierced through his leg while a loud boom echoed from behind him. He could hear the bystanders around them shouting in fear. He looked back to find a sapphire blue sports car had banged the silver car’s front on an angle after the Volkswagen had brushed against his leg. The huge impact forced the silver car several feet away from the duo on the ground. After the collision, both cars had large dents in their fronts.

TianYang’s brush with death caused a cold sweat to break out all over him. He knew that if not for that sports car, he would be dead for sure. Even if XueQing came out fine. He quickly looked down at the person in his arms. XueQing was in shock but she was physically fine. However, she had a skirt on today and so her kneecaps were scraped by his pounce.

TianYang let out the breath he’d been holding in  as he helped XueQing up. He was about to check in on the driver of the sports car when he heard brakes screeching loudly. He looked up to see JingYuan scrambling out of his car. The man was still in his office attire. JingYuan ran straight to the sports car and flung the driver’s side door wide open. XueQing had a peek of her rescuer as he did so and a shrill shriek escaped her. Her entire being swayed on the spot.

The driver was Bai YiHan. He was sitting there in the driver’s seat, silent and still as streams of blood flowed down his forehead. It was a grim sight to behold.

JingYuan’s breath came out in harsh pants as he supported himself against the car frame. It was the first time he’d ever felt so helpless and at a loss. He didn’t even know if he should touch YiHan. TianYang whipped out his phone and called an ambulance. None of them dared to move YiHan. They waited until the ambulance finally arrived. The paramedics reached in and released the safety belt around the man. Then, they tenderly carried him out and onto a stretcher.

JingYuan, TianYang and XueQing all got into the ambulance. The unconscious body of the silver Volkswagen’s driver was also dragged out by the Bai family bodyguards and sent to the hospital. As sirens wailed, TianYang called Captain Chen and described in detail what had just happened. Captain Chen assured TianYang he and Officer Fang Yi would head over to the hospital to arrest the driver.

The trio held their breaths as YiHan was checked into the hospital and rushed into the Emergency Room. They only relaxed after a nurse came out and informed them preliminary checks showed YiHan’s life was in no danger. TianYang then recalled XueQing’s scrapes. He headed off to find a doctor for her when, a few steps later, his knees buckled and he collapsed on the floor. Frightened, the other two hurried over to help him up but TianYang waved them off with a bitter smile. He stretched his legs out on the floor as he rolled his pants up to reveal a swollen right leg. The car hadn’t just brushed against his leg. It had hit it. It was only his worry for YiHan that helped him keep the pain at bay.

A whirlwind of panic rushed about the corridor once more. Eventually, the doctor proclaimed he had a leg fracture.

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