GC: Chapter 72

72. Poor Feng Qun

“On the night of the Old Mr Yan’s birthday party, the Feng family publicly announced they’d disowned Feng Qun. However, blood is thicker than water. Feng DeCheng didn’t take back any of Feng Qun’s private properties or savings. He might have even given Feng Qun some money and more under the table, like transferring a few properties to the lovers Feng Qun was closer to. That way, as long as he didn’t act up, he can live a life without worries just on what he has. But in just a few days, all of Feng Qun’s lovers who had received those properties and money turned their back at the same time. They took away everything and refused to let Feng Qun in the door at all. The Feng family didn’t dare do anything for him and he had turned into a powerless and poor man once more. He could do nothing to those past lovers. Within 24 hours, all of Feng Qun’s businesses encountered trouble. Bars, restaurants and even a few construction companies, all of them closed down. He might have been so pissed that he drunk himself under the table last night. A few thugs cornered him. They stole his wallet, phone and identity card. They even beat him up so badly that he’s still in the hospital.

“Meanwhile, the Feng family had some troubles of their own. They had spent a lot of effort trying to get into the Chen family’s good books so they could propose a collaboration with one of the Chen family’s companies. Soon after that night, their proposal was immediately rejected. The Chen family stated none of its companies would ever work with the Feng  family. The Chen family’s statement made many businesses who had ties with the Feng family to swiftly stop all projects with them, terrified the Chen family with be angry at them just because they’re working with the Feng family. Feng DeCheng is a smart man. He knew the source for that anger. This morning, he publicly announced Feng Qun was no longer his son. This cruel man took back all of Feng Qun’s assets and froze his bank accounts. Feng Qun probably can’t even pay back his medical fees now. The only thing he has left is the watch on his wrist. If he wants to live, he’ll need to be treated in the hospital. Who knows how long a second-hand watch can support him? He’s probably so deep in poverty he has no way out now,” Yan said.

“Brutal,” XueQing gasped in shock.

“Indeed,” Yan said, nodding his head. “People think we did it, but from what I know, it was Chen TianYang.”

“But I deeply admire the way he did it. Every time I think of how our little brother acted that night, I want to strangle Feng Qun to death!”

“Didn’t you strangle him?” Yan asked. “If Ma hadn’t spoken up, you wouldn’t have let go.”

“I did,” XueQing angrily said. “But he was completely fine. As for me, one of my newly-manicured nails broke!”

“Yes, you broke a nail. So, Chen TianYang broke three of Feng Qun’s bones. What a bully. So unreasonable,” Yan said.

FuRen glared at his son. “Speaking of which, from the way QingYuan described things, HanHan was very likely terrified because of some mental insinuation going on behind our backs, not because Feng Qun truly did anything. That means he was innocent. We wrongfully accused him,” he said.

“Father,” XueQing said. “I don’t think so. Psychological tricks and insinuations won’t necessarily make what isn’t there be there. Sometimes, they just poke at the victim’s subconscious. That means HanHan subconsciously thinks that if anything happens to our family, Feng Qun would be the first to kick him down. That’s why he reacted so badly. While HanHan usually acts like a naive and silly boy, he’s a smart one deep down!

Furthermore, that Feng Qun follows our brother around all day log like a puppy. Pushing HanHan to just eat, drink and play. He has been a bad influence on our brother through and through. In a glance, I could tell he was a cunning one. I’ve long wanted to teach him a lesson, but I was afraid he’d complain to HanHan and embellish it. It would ruin our relationship. That’s why I held that urge in this whole time! A person like that should be chased off as early as possible. We can seize this chance to make him stay far, far away from HanHan.”

Translator’s Note:

Blood is thicker than water: Yes, we all know the original meaning meant the blood spilled/shared between sworn brothers (gang/mafia/triad) is thicker than birth water. The idiom was in the original text, so modern meaning of the idiom it is.

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13 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 72

  1. FQ didn’t really do anything too extreme yet (as far as I/we know).. not sure if he really deserve that outcome :’D

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)


    1. well reborn story always work like that
      the evil people will be punish for their past deed that haven’t made yet
      which is fine for me since that person really over do it😠
      i understand why he want revenge from the MC and that should be end with making the MC family bankrupt but noooo he let people raped the MC over and over which is really SICK😠😠😠


      1. Yeah and in these reborn kind of stories, almost all the time, the evil person does not change their ways. If anything they just get more mad and evil 😣. But that’s why I like these kinds of stories. They are just stories. If they are being punished, they are never innocent(in reborn novels, not talking about real life). In some stories I wish some characters could have changed because it’s a new time line. But they don’t.


  2. ok honestly, i really think that FQ deserves it. I know he hasn’t really done anything ‘bad’ yet, but his character is still the same. He said so himself that he would make our dear Han Han pay. So i would never forgive him.

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  3. Bueno, uno ha caído… pero la verdad es que toda la familia, incluyendo al ML han sido un MALA INFLUENCIA, como dije… mimar a alguien así, solo lo anula como persona, no solo fue la mala junta con este sujeto… fue esa crianza y esa condescendencia, la verdadera causa.


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