LC: Chapter 49

49. Conflict

XiaoYu certainly didn’t go far. This map was so big, he thought. If he gradually headed to the opposite direction, killing mobs as he went, surely he won’t encounter them again.

When he heard a stampede of Jiangshi hopping about, he was worried for a moment that he’d stumbled upon a boss. XiaoYu turned around and saw the assassin who was assessing him before running back to him with over ten Jiangshi right behind him. The naive XiaoYu didn’t think it’d be a trap. He thought the party of three might’ve met a berserk mob and only the assassin was fast enough to escape.

XiaoYu, filled with the professional ethics of a healer, threw a Haste at Nightmare-Demon. He even casted a Heal on the other, only to see Nightmare-Demon run even faster towards his direction.

“Lucky, you idiot! Run!” a voice shouted.

Before XiaoYu even had time to see who was telling him to run, Nightmare-Demon was running by his eyes. The other gave an evil grin and vanished. At first, the Jiangshi just stood there, stunned. Then, as if they found a new target, they unanimously spat poisonous gas at XiaoYu while hopping over to hit him.

“Arrow Rain! Lucky, don’t space out! Heal yourself!” A storm of silver arrows swooshed right into the Jiangshi. The hurt mobs turned their attentions to the new target and leaped towards the person who shot those arrows.

After being simultaneously attacked by numerous bursts of poison, XiaoYu’s health was near empty. If his necklace’s poison resistance dramatically reducing the damage he received while poisoned and for how long the poison lasted, XiaoYu would’ve been flat out on the floor by now.

With a swift heal, an AoE heal and a potion, XiaoYu was able to recover from the dizzy effects of low health. He looked to his saviour and his gut clenched. It was Robin, the archer he partied with during team training. Robin had summoned his eagle, a pet that’s not suited for flying in the cave, to help with attacking. Robin himself kept withdrawing and dodging while casting Arrow Rain. This was an AoE skill which cost a lot of MP and arrows, yet it wasn’t as damaging as just a single arrow being shot one by one.

Robin’s lips were turning blue. He was clearly poisoned yet he busy chugging potions while barely dodging the physical attacks. XiaoYu quickly threw heals, Haste, Saint’s Seal and cured Robin’s poison. As only players could only see the health bar of their party, XiaoYu kept curing and healing Robin. If he ran out of MP, he’ll down some potions. He didn’t have time to wait for his MP to slowly regenerate by itself. The only thing in his mind right now was he cannot let Robin die.

The two kept throwing out skills as if that’s all that mattered. As XiaoYu was able to react in time to buff Robin, the other was able to stop chugging potion bottles and focus on dealing with the crowd of Jiangshi before him.

As Robin’s eagle had attracted quite a few Jiangshi’s attention, the current circumstance was favouring XiaoYu’s side. Finally, the entire group of monsters laid dead on the floor. Unfortunately, the eagle Robin’s raised for so long died with them.

“Damn it! What’s going on with you, assassin? Were you trying to kill him?” Robin shouted at where the assassin had hidden himself. His sharp eyes allowed him to see the shady expression on the assassin’s face as he ran towards LuckyCat. To Robin’s surprise, not only did LuckyCat not shy away from the other, he even buffed that bastard. Luckily, LuckyCat wasn’t shocked silly and was able to heal himself and help Robin in time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t just be his eagle dying.

“Tch. What made you think I’m trying to kill him? Where’s your proof?” Nightmare-Demon cancelled his Cloaking and revealed himself. He knew the urgent situation back then meant this archer didn’t have time to record it all down, so he had nothing to fear. He thought of attacking the two players when they were busy with the monsters but starting PvP mode will force his name to pop out. He didn’t want to leave evidence behind.

“You…!” It was true. Robin didn’t have time to record anything. He was forced dead on his tracks.

“Nightmare-gege~” called Snow as IndomitableBattle and she ran over. When snow saw that XiaoYu was still alive and well, her face showed how upset she was. “Tch. You’re not dead.”

“And you still say you’re not trying to kill him.” One look at that woman’s face and Robin knew this was all her fault. While he didn’t know what LuckyCat did to trigger them, he knew it must be the other party who’s at fault.

“If you can’t show any proof, then shut your yap,” said Nightmare-Demon, looking exactly like a hooligan.

“Hmph. Serves him right. Even monsters can’t stand him and want to beat him up. Why don’t you ask him on what he did?” Snow was really upset. Both times, someone had to come and save this LuckyCat.

The impulsive urge to just charge right up and say something was still strong in Robin, but he was stopped by a tug on his sleeve.

“It’s fine, Robin,” Whispered XiaoYu as he pulled Robin back by his sleeve. After that mess of a battle, both of their MP bars were near empty. Robin’s eagle was dead. If a PvP fight broke out now, the two of them wouldn’t be able to handle these three players.

“I don’t know what you’re angry at him for and I can’t show any proof. But you all know deep down whether what happened was truly a murder attempt. You three must be in the same party, right? Then, there’s no need to question this healer’s character. We all know through the buffs and debuffs on this assassin now. He thought you were being chased by a mob of monsters, so he threw a Haste at you. It should still be there. If he was a bad person, why would he help you?” Robin had calmed down. LuckyCat and he were ranged attackers. They’re not suited to battle in such close quarters. Everyone’s cooldowns were still ticking. Perhaps he can dig out something about the other side, especially that despicable masked assassin.

“How would I know why he’d help me? Maybe he was shocked,” Nightmare-Demon retorted.

“Tch. Stop pretending to be a good guy. You just want to look good before the healer.” Snow hated healers. So what? Why should everyone be kind and bow down before him?

Robin coldly stared at the wizard with squinted eyes.

“W-What do you want? A fight?” Shivers ran down Snow’s spine from Robin’s gaze. “Hmph. I’m warning you. Don’t even think about concocting some sort of scheme or you’ll never be able to step foot on Serica’s lands.”

“Oh? I’m really curious. Just what powers do you have to stop me from stepping foot near Serica?” Robin found this woman’s immaturity laughable. She’s not a GM. What right did she have to restrict his movements? Even if she was a GM, he can just complain to the game company.

“Don’t you know which guild they belong to? Let me tell you. They’re part of Angel Wings. Cross the Wings and the only fate awaiting you is getting killed all the way back down to Level 1,” Snow boasted. Serica was the Angel Wings’ base. This was an open secret after so many Guild Wars. After all, Serica-1 and Serica-2 were conquered by the Wings. However, IndomitableBattle and Nightmare-Demon were part of the subsidiary guild. Their levels weren’t high enough to enter the parent guild.

IndomitableBattle frowned. He didn’t like people using the Wings’ name to suppress other players.

“Oh, I’m really scared.” Robin didn’t get angry like Snow expected. Instead, he laughed. So this assassin was part of the Wings. While they’re a major guild, he wasn’t scared at all. The Heretic Demons who had his back weren’t a guild to be trifled with either, though he had no plans of letting these ignoramuses know that.

“Afraid, aren’t you? Then, scram.”

“Let’s head back to the city and leave these puffed up foxes to their own devices,” Robin said to XiaoYu who then nodded back.

“You…!” Before Snow could throw a fit again, two bright beams flashed by. With no one to yell at, she stomped her feet in anger.

IndomitableBattle never said a word throughout the whole exchange. From the unexpected Haste buff on Nightmare-Demon, he knew this healer was definitely not the selfish and cocky person Snow described. There must’ve been a misunderstanding.

“I’m sorry. Your eagle…” As soon as they were back in the city, XiaoYu began apologising to Robin.

“It’s fine. I’ll just go buy another,” Robin replied.

“I’ll pay.”

“There’s no need. It doesn’t cost much.”

“No way. If you hadn’t saved me, your eagle wouldn’t have…I’ll pay,” XiaoYu insisted.

“Ugh…okay.” Robin was surprised at how stubborn XiaoYu could be. He thought this kid would always be gentle, meek and slightly weak.

The two went to the Hunters Hall and bought an eagle. Then, they were lost on what they should do next.

“Are you going to keep grinding, Lucky? Let’s party up and grind at the Rebellion Base.” It was rare that he had free time. He was going to try his luck at the Jiangshi Cave. The high-level Jiangshi drop a Health Increase charm. Since there were annoying people blocking the way, why not change spots?

“Okay.” XiaoYu immediately agreed at the thought of his lucky charm effect when in a party. It’d be great if he could get some amazing drops to thank Robin for rescuing him.

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  1. Tsk, I wonder if there’re decent female players apart from Chrysanthemum in this game!
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