GC: Chapter 31

31. I Did Nothing!

Everything from back then felt so unbelievable now. Perhaps that was a last frantic struggle before death. If that happened once again, even under perfect conditions, YiHan didn’t know whether he could actually kill those three again. He still remembered it all. That metal bar stained with fresh blood and brain juices. He clung on tight to it, even in death. In the end, he feinted and mimed an attack with it to make the police who entered after the whole debacle to shoot and kill him.

After his rebirth, he cut off all ties with those drinking buddies of his. His entire mind was hung up on his own family. Feng Qun had tried calling him several times, but he hung up as soon as he saw who they were from. He didn’t think he’d end up meeting Feng Qun here.

The moment YiHan saw this being, those unsavoury and vile memories screeched into his mind. Feng Qun’s blood-covered face which was still stuck on an apologetic, sly and dogbody-like smile. That evil smirk when he pushed YiHan to steal company secrets. The crazed laugh as he humiliated YiHan after the Bai family fell. His face twisting and turning when he destroyed YiHan’s hand in a frenzy. The lustful look as he held YiHan down and deed that thing to him. All those faces slowly melded into one with the smile coming right at him.

Blood rushed into YiHan’s eyes. His feet shuffled back, but the balcony was only that big. Before YiHan could even escape, Feng Qun was already on him. He took a hold of YiHan’s arm and gave him a bright, schmoozing smile, “Why haven’t you been hanging out with us lately? You never answered my calls either. We’ve not seen you for a long time.”

In that moment, YiHan couldn’t differentiate the current reality from the past. All he felt was that sticky and disgusting grip Feng Qun had on his arm. The scent of Feng Qun closing in on him made his skin crawl. A shrill scream roared out of his mouth. He frantically flailed the arm being grabbed, trying his best to run back to his family.

Feng Qun was stunned. Just what’s with this lucky idiot today? Has he gone mad?

YiHan was well and truly scared to the brink of breakdown. He didn’t even dare look at Feng Qun’s face. All his frantic mind thought was he wanted to be away from Feng Qun now. The other was petrified with shock as well and forgot to loosen his grip. Instead, he subconsciously tightened his hand around YiHan’s arm.

Everyone in the banquet was shocked by the shriek. One by one, they stopped their chatter and looked over. A lot happened in those few short moments. It all happened within the span of a single sentence. JingYuan had been watching YiHan from afar the entire time. The moment he saw YiHan’s reaction, he started striding over. He pulled the frightened YiHan into his arms. Upon seeing YiHan flailing his entrapped arm in a crazed fit, his face darkened and shifted. He looked as if he was going to eat someone up right then and there.

JingYuan’s arms clutched tight at YiHan, afraid that he might hurt himself in fear. His eyes bore into Feng Qun. Ice shards could be felt within his voice. “Well? Why aren’t you letting go?”

As if he’d just gotten stabbed through by JingYuan’s voice, the hair on Feng Qun’s body stood on end and a layer of cold sweat quickly covered his back. As those words rang out, Feng Qun hurriedly loosened his hands. He raised them both up next to his head and took a few steps backwards. “Mr Mu. I did nothing. I don’t know why he’s like this!” he explained.

YiHan finally stopped shrieking when his arm was let go. His emotions finally stabilised, but his hand still kept rubbing at the arm that was grabbed. It was as if he wanted to peel off the skin on it.

Mu JingYuan’s heart ached. His little prince. Those two hands were what he loved and took pride in the most. They had beautiful bone structures. Their fingers long and thin. They were one of the most perfect masterpieces the gods have ever created. He even learned to play the piano just because someone would also comment on what a waste such pretty hands didn’t play.

However, that tender, soft, frail and stunning right hand had been scratched to the point where it’s a bright blushing red. To JingYuan’s eyes, it seemed like blood would start spewing at any time.

Mu JingYuan hurriedly took hold of YiHan’s hand and stopped him from hurting himself anymore. JingYuan’s arms embraced YiHan, trapping YiHan into his arms. The rage in his heart was visibly flaring now. Just what did this bastard called Feng Qun do to his HanHan? Why did his little prince let out such a shriek?

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11 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 31

  1. Stupid ML , I hope he sees beyond and sees that Yihan needs love, care, support and not him saying that he will marry the sister 😠😠

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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  2. Sry, but I could just laugh when MJY called HanHan his little prince… (っ ̯- )
    Mr. ML, you have a long way ahead til I can acknowledge you :’D

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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  3. my heart reallyy breakkiingg for hanhan😭😭😭😭😭😭dont he deserve to be happyy??is it to much for him to be happyy??!!😭😭stay strongg Hanhan dearr!!!

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  4. Hanhan needs lots of pampering and care after having such a nasty ending to his previous life. Hopefully his sister and ML break off their engagement soon! Thank you for your hard work translating ♥️

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  5. Honestly…they shouldn’t hurt Feng qun too…the event not happened yet…however I understand yihan trauma too..thanks for the translation


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